Travel to Austria

Austria is known as the Republic of Austria. It is a country in central Europe and it is a landlocked country. Austria shares its borders with Germany and Czech Republic in the north, Slovakia and Hungary in the east, Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the West and Slovenia and Italy in the south. In order to travel to Austria, it is better to have a brief overview regarding Austria.

Best time to visit Austria

Austria is a mountainous region as it is located in the Alps. The northern, southern and central eastern Alps are partially located in Austria. The Austrian granite plateau which is the second highest mountain is also located here. Apart from these, there are many other mountains in the region. Austria has a photogenic beauty which is worth mentioning.

The climate of Austria is cool and temperate in most of the regions, with warm humid winds. As most of the country is predominated with mountains, temperatures are generally low with less rainfall. Avalanches are very common during spring. Be careful of the sun in high altitudes.

Austria is very cold in winter but summer has warm temperatures. It is advisable to visit Austria during summer, in order to enjoy your stay. As Austria is a hilly region, it is better not to plan your trip in winter as it is very cold. You can also visit during April and October. On the other hand if you want to plan your trip in the city, then it is advisable to visit during June and September.

Economy in Austria

Austria has highest GDP and it is the 12th richest country in the world. Austria has a very well developed industry but tourism industry is the prime revenue earning industry in Austria.

Art and Culture in Austria

Austria was a part of European culture and its reflection can be seen both in art and culture of Austria. Europe has a lot of contribution in shaping Austria's art and culture. Many famous composers were born in Austria like Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss, and Joseph Hayden etc.

Famous Places in Austria

Travel to Austria is incomplete without visiting different places and sightseeing. Few such places are mentioned below.

  1. Vienna
  2. Hallstatt
  3. Arlberg Region
  4. Innsbruck
  5. Salzburg
  6. Krimmi Falls
  7. Linz
  8. Tyrol's Valleys
  9. Graz
  10. Grossglockner Road
  11. Villach

Hotels in Austria

Your stay will not be pleasant and happier if you do not have a proper accommodation. In order to make your stay happier, some hotels in Austria are mentioned below.

  1. Binders Hotel
  2. Hotel Goldner Adler
  3. Penz Hotel
  4. Park Inn Linz
  5. Ibis Linz
  6. Novotel Linz
  7. Hotel Viennart
  8. Wandl Hotel
  9. Hotel Stefanie
  10. Hotel Stein
  11. Snooze Hotel

How to reach Austria?

If you want to travel to Austria, you can reach the country from any part of the world as it is well connected with the rest of the world. Apart from the Vienna International Airport, there are airports in all major cities like Linz, Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck and many more. Commercial flights fly from these regions and are well connected to all places in Austria.

Austria is also well connected by road and rail to its neighboring countries. There are a number of highways from Germany and Italy. Austria also has a very good bus service that connects various places in the country.

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