Famous Places To Visit in Austria

Austria is a landlocked country and it lies in the Alpine region. There are many famous places to visit in Austria. Austria has rich heritage and culture, which you can explore when you visit Austria. Mentioned below are few such famous places in Austria.


Vienna is one of the famous places in Austria, where you can find that the past has beautifully merged with the present. As you can find various historical places and buildings in Vienna, you will also find a number of shopping malls. In fact Vienna is one of the most dynamic cities in Europe.


Innsbruck is a beautiful city in the Alpine region. One can enjoy the spectacular view of Alps from this city. In the morning, you can tour the entire city, viewing different palaces and buildings of medieval age. On the other hand, in the evening you can drop in at the bars that are situated beside the river and enjoy good food and music. The Inn River flows in Innsbruck and Alps stand tall in front of the flowing river. Innsbruck has a young crowd and has a number of bars, pubs and beer garden.


In this city, you will find many tourists attractions. People of this city enjoy music of various genres, right from contemporary to classic. This is a place, where you will find traditionalist touch along with a modern outlook.


Among various famous places in Austria, Villach is the most beautiful city. The city is an important transport center. From here you can avail transport to reach Italy and Slovenia. Villach is a very lively and vibrant city, which attracts a lot of foreign tourists. You can also visit different lakes and beaches that are nearby to Villach.


If you love water, then visit to Hallstatt is a must. The water is crystal clear and is surrounded by mountains. You can simply sit on the lake shore and enjoy the beautiful water. Boats ply from the villages to the train station. The village is actually very small and population is scanty. The hills have salt deposits, so here you can find a number of salt mines. It is advisable to stay at Obertraun, in order to get the real village feel

Eisriesenwelt Caves

The most thrilling experience in the world is a visit to the Eisriesenwelt Caves. This is a frozen cave. You must visit this place once you are in Austria. You will be able to see various ice formations inside the caves. More than 200,000 people visit the frozen cave every year. Huge columns and towers of ice can be seen at this cave. There is a separate tour arranged to see nature’s icy creation. The time taken for this tour is 5-6 hours. The temperature of this place is generally below zero degree to prevent the ices from melting. This cave is situated in a village called Werfen which is 40 kms away from Salzburg city. This cave has few frozen water falls too.

Krimml Falls

You can explore the winter in Europe by visiting the Krimml falls. This is one of the best tourist attractions in Austria. This falls is 1246 in height. The elegancy of the water falls lies in its natural beauty. This is the longest waterfall in Europe and hence it is the most favorite tourist spot. The tourists generally gather here during the summers. Near Tyrolian border and to the north west of Hohe Tauern lies the longest water falls of Europe. From here you can go to several other view points and enjoy your visit to Austria. This place is visited by several visitors in a year.

Hohe Tauern National Park

To get a clear mountain view of Europe you must visit the Hohe Tauern National Park. The lush green scenic beauty makes this place worth a visit. The vegetation of this place makes the tourists come here. The flora and fauna is also a reason for this place to become a famous tourist spot in Austria. The air is completely free from pollution over here. The highlight of this place is that you can try several outdoor sports like mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking and skiing. The magnificent beauty will lead you to peace and tranquility.

Schonbrunn Palace

If you want to see the baroque, splendid architecture then you must visit the Schonbrunn Palace in Austria. After all the natural beauty you are now all set to see the heritage of Austria for which this place is so famous. This property of Austria is now a cultural heritage of UNESCO. The things which you will see at the palace are:

  1. Garden filled with original hut.
  2. Castles and parks.
  3. 3 climate zone of a palm house.
  4. The rain forest plants.
  5. Sculptures of historic personalities and events.
  6. The Neptune fountain is an added attraction.

Apart from the famous places in Austria that are mentioned above, other places where you can visit during your trip to Austria are as follows.

  1. Linz
  2. Krems An Der Donau
  3. Tyrol's Valleys
  4. Grossglockner Road
  5. Krimmi Falls
  6. Granz

You can also enjoy several mouth watering delicacies, while visiting famous places in Austria. Different kinds of meat preparations can be found here. Pork is preferred by the people of Austria. There are also different traditional and native cuisines which you can taste. The cuisine of Austria is basically influenced from French, Jewish, Czech and Bohemia.

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