Travel to Belarus

Belarus is also known as the Republic of Belarus. It is another landlocked country in Europe and is bordered by Latvia and Lithuania in the northwest, Russia in the northeast, Poland in the west and Ukraine in the south. Travel to Belarus is incomplete without visiting the various places in Belarus. In order to plan your holidays better a brief description of Belarus is given below.

When to visit Belarus?

Belarus generally has plain lands and has vast swampy lands too. Most of Belarus is covered with forests. There are also many lakes and water bodies in the country. Belarus has continental climate and experiences very cold winters and moist and cool summers. Frosts occurs for five to six months in a year. Monsoons are in June and August. A yearly transition in climate takes place from continental to maritime.

You can visit Belarus during any time of the year, as it is generally not very crowded. If you are brave enough to fight the chilly winters in Belarus, you can drop in during winter.

How to reach Belarus?

Belarus can be accessed by airways, roadways and by train. Minsk International Airport is the main airport, situated in the capital city of Minsk. Minsk also has another airport named, Minsk-1 Airport. The few other airports located in various cities of Belarus are:

  1. Brest Airport
  2. Mogilev Airport
  3. Hronda Airport

Different flights of various airlines, both domestic and international, operate from Belarus. It connects different places like Paris, Rome, Berlin, and Vienna etc. The major airlines plying in Belarus are:

  1. Belarus National Airline
  2. Aeroflot
  3. Lufthansa
  4. Austrian Airlines
  5. LOT Polish Airlines

Trains in Belarus are common but are generally slower as compared to buses. Buses moves faster in and around Belarus connecting various places. Buses are used for crossing borders and long queues are very often seen. Bus crossings that are used very often are Vilnius, Poland and Minsk. Buses usually stop at borders for customs, security and passport checks.

Roads in Belarus are very good and well maintained. If you are driving your own vehicle, then there are ten main routes leading to Belarus via the borders, which can be used by foreign visitors. Road signs make it convenient for the driver.

Places of Interest in Belaru

When you plan your travel to Belarus, you can drop in at the places mentioned below.

  1. Minsk
  2. Belavezhskaja Pushcha National Park
  3. Brest Fortress
  4. Pripyatsky National Park
  5. Brest
  6. Vitsebak
  7. Hronda

Accommodation in Belarus

If you wish to prolong your stay and enjoy your holidays then you need to find suitable places as per your need. Mentioned below are few such places which you can choose from depending on your budget.

  1. Europe Hotel
  2. Hotel Turist
  3. Hotel Minsk
  4. Hotel Belarus
  5. Hotel Vesta
  6. Hotel Buh
  7. Hotel Intourist
  8. Hotel Semashko
  9. Hotel Dzvina