Famous Places To Visit in Belarus

Belarus is another Eastern European country and is one of the most attractive countries in Europe. There are many famous places in Belarus, where you can drop in during your trip to the country. A few such places are given below.


There are many famous places in Belarus, of which Minsk is worth visiting. The city of Minsk and its people are very proud of the fact that they have survived death, many a times. The city was actually reconstructed by architects of Moscow, after it was destroyed completely during World War II. In fact, Minsk is a reconstructed old town, where you can enjoy old buildings and architectural splendors that are brightly illuminated and well maintained.

Belavezhskaja Pushcha National Park

Belavezhskaja Pushcha National Park is one of the famous places in Belarus. This national forest houses more than 900 plants and 250 birds and animals, many of which are rare species. This is an aboriginal forest that used to extend from the Baltic Sea up to the Buh River and on the other side, from Odder to Dnieper River. The park is situated 340 km away, to the south-west of Minsk, in the Brest region. This is one of the five natural parks in Belarus and is the largest forest, situated in the lowlands, at central Europe. If you are lucky enough, then you can have a look at the zoobr which is extinct specie.


If you love history, then you can drop in at Dudutki Museum. This museum is such, which juxtaposes the past and the future. This is a museum of material culture, where various handicrafts, things used for leading life and the different gifts of nature are brought together. If you have a look inside this museum, then you will come to know about the culture of the place and also the ways in which they led their life.

Brest Fortress

Brest fortress is one of the famous places in Belarus, which was earlier known as Brest- Litovsk Fortress. This is a 19th century Russian fortress in Belarus. This fortress is an important monument during World War II. This monument was built in order to mark Soviet resistance against Germany.

The structure of the fortress is star shaped and the main fortress, named Citadel, is a brick red colored, two storied building. The fortress has 500 rooms, which allowed 1200 soldiers to stay together. You should visit this fortress, during your trip to the country.

Pripyatsky National Park

If you love adventure, then you can visit Pripyatsky National Park that is located in Belarusian Polesie, 250 km south of Minsk. This is a protected place, that was built in 1969 and the national park was built in 1996. The park covers an area of 83,000 hectares and there are more than 30 lakes and water bodies, other than various flora and fauna. You can also see at least 45 types of birds, 250 rare species of animals, various kinds of reptiles, amphibians and different kinds of fishes.

Apart from visiting the above mentioned famous places in Belarus, you can also drop in at the following places, given below:

  1. Hronda
  2. Vitsebsk
  3. Polatsk
  4. Njasvizh