Travel to Belgium

Belgium situated in northwest Europe, is also known as the kingdom of Belgium. Belgium shares its cultural boundary with Germanic and Latin Europe. The two main linguistic groups that are there in Belgium include Dutch speaking and French speaking with a minority of people speaking German. If you plan to travel to Belgium, it is better to have a general overview regarding the place.

When to visit Belgium?

Belgium along with Luxemburg generally has a mild climate, which at time experiences rainy weather. Rainy weather is generally gloomy in Belgium. Weather in Belgium fluctuates a lot and when it is sunny, people of Belgium feel very happy.

Avoid travel to Belgium during the winter season, as it is very cold. It is best to plan your visit from May to September, which is during early autumn and late spring. It is the peak tourist season and be prepared for a crowded place. You can plan your trip during November to March, when the winters are mild and bearable. You can pack some light clothes and enjoy your trip.

How to reach Belgium?

You can reach Belgium by air. Belgium is also well connected by road, rail and sea. The main airports in Belgium are The Brussels National Airport and Antwerp Airport. There are other airports in various other cities that of Charleroi, Liege etc. There are different airlines that operate from Belgium. They are given below.

  1. British Airways
  2. Japan Airlines
  3. Air Canada
  4. Brussels Airlines
  5. Lufthansa

Belgium has a number of motorways which you can access to reach different places like Germany, France, and Luxembourg etc. There are no restrictions and control at border and crossings.

Bus service is not much developed in Belgium. There is only one bus service between France and Belgium known as Eurolines. Buses generally ply regularly connecting different places. Trains also operate in Belgium. There are trains at regular intervals and leave from Brussels and Luxembourg.

Places of Interest in Belgium

Your stay in Belgium will be more entertaining and enjoyable if you visit the places mentioned below. You can visit the following places when you travel to Belgium.

  1. Brussels
  2. Leuven
  3. Bruges
  4. Binche
  5. Villers-la- Ville
  6. Antwerp
  7. Ghent
  8. LA Roche-en- Ardenne
  9. Tongeren

Accommodation in Belgium

Your traveling is meaningless and unexciting, if you do not have a proper place to stay. Before you visit Belgium, it is necessary to find an accommodation. Given below are names of few such places.

Hotels in Brussels

  1. Hotel Sabina
  2. Hotel Argus
  3. Hotel George V
  4. Hotel Le Plaza

Hotels in Antwerp

  1. Hilton Antwerp
  2. Century Hotel
  3. Hotel Agora
  4. Ambassador

Hotels in Ostend

  1. Thermae Palace
  2. Empire Hotel
  3. Hotel Ter Kade
  4. Hotel Europe

Hotels in Ghent

  1. Ghent River Hotel
  2. Hotel Harmony
  3. Holiday Inn Gent Expo

Apart from the hotels mentioned above, there are many other hotels in Belgium. Right from luxury hotels to budget hotels, there are many for you to choose, when you plan to travel to Belgium. You can also enjoy the various cuisines that are made in these hotels. You can taste international cuisines, as well as local cuisines that are prepared by the people of Belgium.