Famous Places To Visit in Belgium

There are a number of famous places in Belgium. Trip to the country is incomplete without visiting the number of places in and around Belgium. Given below are few such places where you can drop in during your visit to the country.


Brussels is officially known as Brussels Region, is the capital city and is one of the most famous places in Belgium. Brussels is rich in culture and heritage and there are a number of architectural and heritage buildings. Brussels has diverse architecture, right from medieval to postmodern building. The main attraction in Brussels is the Grand Palace, the Atomium etc. There are also a number of other architectural buildings and monuments, which you can visit during your stay at Belgium.


Ghent is a small, old city and is situated in the Flemish region. The city has a port and university, which is worth visiting and is one of the famous places in Belgium. Graslei is the most beautiful and scenic place in Ghent. There is a typical old world charm in this city and a pace of its own, which is unaffected by modernity.

Museum of Fine Arts

If you are an art lover, then you can visit Museum of Fine Arts, located at Ghent. Visit to famous places in Belgium is incomplete, if you do not drop in at Museum of Fine Arts. As it is museum of fine arts, the museum houses paintings mostly. There are number of rooms which houses various art works, starting right from 15th century.


Antwerp is an important city, both economically and culturally. The city had various old buildings, but they were destroyed by fire. In recent times, all the important buildings were demolished and were reconstructed once again. You can visit the Antwerp zoo, St. James church, Central station etc.

World War I Battle fields

Famous places in Belgium also include visiting historical places. World War I Battle fields have a number of historical items, which were used during the war. A number of old cannons are still found there, which are displayed for public viewing. Visiting this place is a reminiscent of past, which helps you to know about the past.

Visiting chocolate factories

If you want to relax and enjoy some good chocolates during your trip to Belgium, you can drop in at the various chocolate factories that are there in Belgium. You can have a look inside the factories and can also enjoy some chocolates, while touring the whole place.

Museum of Chocolate and Cocoa

The museum of chocolate and cocoa is one of the famous places in Belgium. You can see a variety of chocolates at display. This museum reflects that Belgian chocolates are world famous and the museum is a must-see.

Middelheim Park

Middelheim Park is an open air park and sculpture museum. This park has a collection of more than 300 art work and sculptures. Entry to this park is free and the visitors can enjoy the art works and sculptures, by taking a leisurely stroll inside the park.

Antwerp Belgium

You can see the Our Ladyís Cathedral. It is situated in the old city. This cathedral is a Gothic church and Belgium is proud of it. It took 170 years for this church to be constructed. The construction is a masterpiece of art and was completed in 1521. You cannot take away your eyes from the Rubens painting. You can view the cultural heritage at the old church. You may visit the Royal Museum of fine Arts. This museum has more than 7000 pieces of grand work. Donít miss the chance to visit Rubens House. He lived in this house. More than 25000 of his work are kept here.

Few other places which you can visit here are:

  • Plantin-Moretus Museum
  • The Saint Carolus Borromeus Church
  • Antwerp Central Station
  • Antwerp Vlaeykensgang
  • The MoMu- Antwerp Fashion Museum


The architecture of the medieval period is well preserved in Bruges. This is one of the most exciting places in Belgium. This place is one of the most desired destinations for holidays. UNESCO has declared this place to be a world heritage. Visit the Market Square which is known as Grote Markt and Belfry which is known as Belfort. You can go up to 366 steps to view the city. The commercial centre of the city is the Grote Markt. The city hall was built in the 14th century and historical paintings are a treat to the eyes. Few other places which you can visit here are:

  • Basilica of the Holy Blood
  • The Church of Our Lady
  • St Saviours Cathedral
  • Jerusalem Church
  • Beguine Convent
  • Minnewater Park (Lake of Love)


All the war enthusiastic people must visit Waterloo to bring back the exact feeling of a warrior. This is the battlefield of Napoleon in the year 1815. You can see the following things at the museums of Waterloo:

  • Panorama of the Battle
  • Wax Museum
  • Wellington Museum
  • Napoleon's Last Headquarters
So now you know what the Famous Tourist spots in Belgium are. You can plan your holiday to Belgium. Rich in heritage this place will offer you history. You may plan the trip with your family member or even friends.