Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is situated on Balkan Peninsula, is a South- East European country. It is home to three cultural groups, namely, Bosniaks, Bosnian Croatian and Bosnian Serbs which are known as "constituent peoples". Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina will help you know much more about the country, its people and culture.

Best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is mostly mountainous in nature. The country has only 20 kilometers of coastline, even though it is a peninsula. Bosnia and Herzegovina has mixed climates that of Mediterranean and climates resembling that of Central Europe. Summers are hot and winters are very cold. In higher altitudes, it is pretty cold during winters, so one needs to be careful while planning a trip.

The best time to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina is from May to September when temperatures are bearable. If you love skiing, then you should drop in between December and February, when temperatures drop down drastically. In the southern region, temperatures are pretty high and it is warm.

How to reach Bosnia and Herzegovina?

If you want to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can reach there by air. The country is also well connected by road. The main airport is located at Sarajevo, while the others are located at Mostar and Banja Luka. There are no discount flights available in Bosnia and Herzegovina, even though you can avail cheap flights.

Art and Architecture of Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the rich culture is bound to draw your attention. The architecture is influenced by the various social and political changes that took place in the country. Every period has made some influence in the architecture and that is pretty evident from its buildings. The culture is also influenced by these changes.

Art in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the other hand were always new and was influenced by certain medieval tombstones and paintings.

Places of Interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina tops the travel plan chart of tourists, when you plan travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has a lot of wonderful places, including its own tradition and culture, which is visible in the buildings present. Given below are few such places which you visit during your stay at Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  1. Bihac
  2. Sarajevo
  3. Medugorje
  4. Stari and Most
  5. Central and Northern Bosnia
  6. Mostar
  7. Tranvik

Hotels in Bosnia and Herzegovina

You can stay in the following places if you travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  1. Hotel Safir
  2. Hotel Central
  3. Hotel Emona
  4. Hotel Old Town
  5. Motel Emon
  6. Hotel Ero
  7. Hotel Ruza
  8. Pax
  9. Hotel Hum
  10. Hotel Tuzla

Apart from the names of hotels and motels that are mentioned above, there are various other motels and budget hotels. If you want to pamper yourself, then you can stay at any of the luxury hotels that are available in various towns of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

People of this country generally use spices in there preparations. You can enjoy a variety of food that is light, as they are cooked in lots of water. They cook with natural ingredients that of vegetables and other edible items. So pack your bags and plan your travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina and enjoy some delicious delicacies.