Travel to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is situated in south-east European country and it is a Balkan country. The Black Sea is situated in the east of the country. Travel to Bulgaria is incomplete without visiting various places in and around Bulgaria. Some of the places are mentioned below.

  1. Sofia
  2. Plovdiv
  3. Bansko
  4. Varna
  5. Rila Monastry
  6. Koprivshtitsa
  7. Kazanlak
  8. Nesebar
  9. Veliko Tarnovo
  10. Rusenki Lom Nature Park
  11. Bachkovo Monastery
  12. Belogradchik

Travel to Bulgaria- Best Time

Bulgaria experiences a temperate climate which are characterized by typical hot summers and cold winters which are dull and wet, accompanied with heavy snow. Area near Black sea and southern Bulgaria has very high temperatures. On the other hand, the plains of Danube, experiences extreme climate.

If you want to travel to Bulgaria, the best time to plan your visit is during spring, particularly, from April to mid of June. The weather is suitable for touring the country and also various cultural events take place during this time. The weather is apt for fun and celebration. You can also plan your visits during autumn, which also has a pleasant weather. The mood of the country is happy and joyous during this time.

How to travel to Bulgaria?

If you don't want to travel to Bulgaria by air, then you can avail the bus service, in order to reach the country from other European countries. One can also book inter rail tickets and reach Bulgaria.

The international airport is located in Sofia and most of the flights operate from here. The airport in Plovdiv is used for charter flights, which are very rare. The different airlines in Bulgaria are mentioned below.
  1. Aeroflot
  2. Alitalia
  3. Austrian Airlines
  4. Olympic Airlines
  5. LOT Polish Airlines
  6. British Airways

Accommodations in Bulgaria

The various places where you can stay during your travel to Bulgaria are given below.

  1. Grand Hotel Sophia
  2. Sofia Guesthouse
  3. Hotel Central
  4. Air Hotel Sofia
  5. Central Mountain School
  6. Mistral Hotel
  7. Jay Jays
  8. Valeo
  9. Troyan Plaza

Tourism in Bulgaria

Other than the capital city of Sofia, there are many other places to visit in and around Bulgaria. Tourism in Bulgaria brings in considerable amount of revenue to the country. It is a heritage town, where you can find a many monasteries and also rural tourist places. You can also enjoy yourself in the beaches, spending your time leisurely.

Culture of Bulgaria

Bulgarian culture is an influence of ancient civilizations that of Greeks, Bulgars, Romans, Slavs and Thracians. Impressions of these civilizations can be very well seen and are predominant in its art and architecture. Various major historical structures can be found, which will remind you of those civilizations.