Travel to Croatia

Croatia is another Southeastern European country. It is situated at the crosswords between the Adriatic Sea, Balkans and the Pannonian Plains. The Croats arrived in 7th century and Croatia of today was formed by them. Travel to Croatia is exciting as well interesting as you can see various places of interest in and around Croatia. Before you travel to Croatia, it is better to have a brief knowledge about the place.

When to visit to Croatia?

Croatia has a mixed type of climate. It has continental climate in the north and east, while it has semi highland and highland type of climate in the south central areas and in the Palarazu archipelago, it experiences sub tropical climate.

It is advisable to travel to Croatia during April and September, as you can enjoy the warm and clear weather, even though it is cold if you plan for a swim. On the other hand, May and June are the months, when all sorts of outdoor activities are held in Croatia. Most of the foreign tourists visit Croatia during this time.

July and August are peak seasons for tourist. Prices are high and there is dearth of accommodation, so it is better to avoid your visit during this time. September is the best and apt time to visit Croatia, as there is less number of tourists and accommodations are easily available. The weather during this time is pleasant; it is neither hot nor cool.

How to reach Croatia?

Travel to Croatia is easy as it is well connected by air, road and railway. Croatia has a number of airports. There are three major international airports in Croatia which are situated in Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split. The names of some other airports are given below.

  1. Brac Airport
  2. Pula Airport
  3. Osijek Airport
  4. Zardar Airport

There are various airlines that operate in and around Croatia. You can choose the flight as per your convenience and depending on your budget. The different airlines that operate in Croatia are mentioned below.

  1. Adrian Airways
  2. CSA
  3. Air France
  4. British Airways
  5. Easyjet
  6. Lufthansa
  7. Delta Airlines
  8. Croatia Airlines
  9. LOT Polish Airlines

Bus service is also available in Croatia. Eurolines operates a number of buses in and around Croatia, connecting different places. Buses travel to different destinations and connect various places in Croatia.

If you want to access the sea route, then you have to avail the boat services that are available in Croatia. It connects Italy and Slovenia. Even though boat services are available, it is advisable to check the timings and the other details, as there are changes at times.

Travel to Croatia by road on the other hand is easy and hassle free. You need registration papers of your vehicles in order to access different places in Croatia by road. There are numerous highways which connects Croatia with other parts of the city and various other countries.

Places of Interest in Croatia

Travel to Croatia is incomplete without visiting the different places in and around Croatia. Few such places of interest are mentioned below.

  1. Varazdin
  2. Pula
  3. Zagreb
  4. Sambhor
  5. Hvar Town
  6. Plitvice Lakes National Park
  7. Mljet
  8. Krka National Park
  9. Koroula Island
  10. Dubrovnik
  11. Korcula Island

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are various other places which you can visit during your stay and travel to Croatia.

Accommodations in Croatia

Whenever you plan your travel, it is necessary to think of places where you can stay. If you do not have a proper accommodation, your trip will not be enjoyable. Mentioned below are few places in Croatia, where you can stay during your visit to the country.

  1. Hilton Imperial
  2. Hotel Adriatic
  3. Hotel Lapad
  4. Roko House
  5. Hotel Odisej
  6. Hotel Riveria
  7. Hotel Brioni
  8. Hotel Adria
  9. Hotel Marko Polo

There are varieties of hotels from which you can choose depending on your budget. You just need to pack your bags and plan your travel to Croatia, if you want to spend a wonderful vacation.