Famous Places To Visit in Croatia

Visiting Croatia is fun and exciting. The country not only has a number of historical monuments and structures, but there are many famous places in Croatia. Given below are few such places where you can drop in during your visit to the country.

Ancient City Walls

Ancient city walls is one of the famous places in Croatia and is a must visit during your trip to the country. A visit to this place not only provides you the views of the inner sites, but you can also walk around the structure. The Minceta tower is the highest point of the wall, and there is a terrace on the wall that gives you a splendid view of the surrounding areas. Walk in the wall is a complete full circle and there are a number of steps that you need to climb, during your visit to the wall.


It is one of the Croatian cities, situated on the Adriatic coast, which is in the extreme south of Dalmatia. It is not only a famous tourist attraction, but also an important sea port and it is the main center of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. This city is also included in the list of world heritage sites by UNESCO in 1979. There are a number of historical buildings and monuments that you can visit and the town has a typical old world charm.


Among different famous places in Croatia, Rovinj Island is worth mentioning. In this island, you can see the old town and the church of St. Euphemia are cowered together in a narrow peninsula. This island was built up 250 years ago, and the channel that separated the island from the mainland is filled up now. You can see some beautiful, old and crumbling buildings in the island. Even though the town is quiet during the day, but it is very lively and vibrant, in the evening. You can drop in at the number of bars and pubs, in order to get the real feel of the old town.

War Photo Limited Museum

This place is more of a gallery, rather than a museum, where you can see pictures and photos of war time heroes. There is a rotating exhibition of photos, videos and there is a large collection of books of war time. The museum features photos from different wars like Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine and a lot more. The whole atmosphere in the museum is very emotional and touchy, where you can not only see various pictures, but the descriptions are heart touching. The photos are beautiful, as well as horrifying at times.

Marjan Peninsula

Marjan Peninsula is one of the famous places in Croatia, where you can enjoy the natural beauty along with various historical destinations. A visit to this place is sure to surprise you, with a number of sculptures and some wonderful view of the surrounding cities. There is a small café, from where you can enjoy breath taking view of the Old Town. You can visit St. Nicholas Church, which is one of the heritage sights in Marjan Peninsula.

Beaches of Lokrum Island

If you want to have some breathe taking view of islands and enjoy boat rides, then you drop in at the beaches of Lokrum Island. This is a small island, and is covered with forests, of sub tropical and Mediterranean vegetation. There was a famous monastery that was established at 1023, but it was demolished later by the Napoleonic authority. People of this island believe that the monks had cursed the island and there were a number of deaths in the island. Due to such deaths, nobody wished to stay in the island anymore and it was handed over to the state.

There are other famous places in Croatia which you can visit during your trip to the country are given below:

  1. Dolac Market
  2. Franciscan Monastry
  3. Punta Corrente
  4. Spanjol Fortress
  5. Rector's Palace
  6. Brijuni Islands