Travel to Cyprus

Cyprus is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea and South Turkey. Apart from Sicily and Sardinia, Cyprus the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Even though it is geographically located in Asia, but politically it belongs to Europe. Cyprus is a beautiful island, with lots of flora and fauna. If you want to enjoy natural beauty, then travel to Cyprus is a must.

When to travel to Cyprus?

Cyprus enjoys a Mediterranean climate. It depends on you what kind of experience you want and how much adventure you want to have. Cyprus has hot summers and cold winters, that are typical to Mediterranean climate. Autumn and spring is the time, when natural beauty of the island is at its best.

June to September are generally summer months, while in August it is the peak tourist season and Cyprus is bustling with life. October to May on the other hand is autumn, winter and spring. The island looks most beautiful during this time, when the landscape is full of flowers of different colors. The transition from winter to summer is very fast. Monsoons are generally during autumn and winter.

So if you want to enjoy your stay in Cyprus, then you should plan your trip during autumn and spring, so that you can enjoy your stay a lot.

How to reach Cyprus?

Cyprus can be reached by air and are well connected by roadways and waterways. Most of the tourists reach Cyprus by air. Some charter flights are also available in Cyrus. It is advisable to keep in mind, that tickets at scheduled flights are costly.

If you want to travel to Cyprus, then you have to access flights from the main airport named Larcnaca International Airort (LCA). It is located a bit far away from the main island. There are different airlines that operate in Cyprus, but the main airline is Cyprus Airways. There are different flights connecting various towns in Europe.

If you want to travel to Cyprus by road and explore the different places, then you can use bus, car or shared taxi. Bus services need to be enquired about before you plan your travel. Shared taxi on the other hand is frequently available. You can book your taxi and it provides a drop and pick up facility.

If you want to travel within Cyprus in a hassle free manner, then hiring a car is the best option. It is a bit expensive but is worth if you really want to enjoy your stay at Cyprus.

Travel to Cyprus- Places of Interest

If you plan to travel to Cyprus, then you cannot miss the opportunity of visiting different places in and around the island. There are various places of interest like the beautiful sea beaches, the various mountains and archaeological sites. Few such places are mentioned below.

  1. Kyrenia
  2. Gothic Castles
  3. Ancient Salamis
  4. Pafos
  5. St Hilarion Castle
  6. Akamas Peninsula
  7. Troods Massif
  8. Byzantine Churches
  9. Agia Napa
  10. Kykkos Monastery
  11. North Nicosia
  12. Ancient Kourion
  13. Bellapais
  14. The Republic of Cyprus

There are many more places of interest which you can see in the island of Cyprus. The island has a lot to offer to its tourists.

Accommodations in Cyprus

If you plan to travel to Cyprus, you need to worry about lack of accommodation or shortage of accommodation. The island has a number of hotels and resorts, where you put up during your stay at Cyprus. Few such places are mentioned below.

  1. Nestor Hotel
  2. Corfu Hotel
  3. Faros Hotel
  4. Panas Tourist village
  5. Blue Sea Hotel
  6. The Annabelle
  7. Thalassa Boutique Hotel and Spa
  8. Nereus Hotel
  9. Eleni Tourist Village
  10. Lefkarama Village Hotel

If you want your stay to be a bit different, you can stay in traditional houses, where accommodation is provided. Apart from accommodation, services are self help in nature. This is an initiative taken in order to promote tourism in the island.

Travel to Cyprus is incomplete without shopping. You can choose from a variety of things that are available in the island. Right from liquor to traditional artifacts, everything is available in Cyprus. So just get ready and plan your trip to Cyprus.