Famous Places To Visit in Cyprus

Travel to Cyprus is an interesting and fun filled experience. This is a small island that has some unique characteristics, making it one of the favorite tourist destinations for travelers around the world. There are many famous places in Cyprus, which you can visit during your trip to the country.

Agia Napa

When you think of famous places in Cyprus, Agia Napa is the first you can think of. It was originally a small fishing village, with a few monasteries and some fishermen and their families. But after 1974, this place emerged as one of the famous tourist destinations. This place has some of the best sea side resorts and restaurants, where you can spend your vacation, with your friends and families. There are number of bars, from where you can choose different variety of drinks. If you love adventure, then you can engage yourself in a number of beach sports.


This is another small village town, where there are number of old churches and historical buildings. Previously, this town too was known for agriculture, stock breeding etc, but now it is one of the tourist attractions. This small town village dates back its origin at 388 BC, is now a suburb of Nicosia, where you can find a number of churches that of 18th century. Out of all these structures, the arch roofed Agiou Georgiou church is worth mentioning.

Aphrodite Waterpark

Aphrodite Waterpark is one of the famous places in Cyprus, where you can drop in if you want to enjoy different kinds of water rides. This is a huge water park, which has more than 30 rides and different other attractions. There is a separate playing area for children and indoor pool for kids.

You can enjoy either in the fairy tale rides or you can float in the mat racing, which has five lines. For toddlers also there are shallow pools, where they can take bath as much as they want. This park is a welcome relief from the scorching heat and sun.

Akamas Peninsula

If you want to enjoy serene beauty of the islands, then you can drop in at Akamas Peninsula. You have to drive down for an hour in order to reach the peninsula. The place is basically hilly, along with beautiful pine forests.

On the other hand, there is sandy beaches, where you can simply walk down, enjoying your surrounding. It is in fact only here, where you can enjoy the beauty of the beach, as it is mostly empty. If you want, then you can hike up the mountain, in order to have a look at the surroundings. If you wish, you can also enjoy snorkeling in the clear waters and in the rocky shores.

Bellapais Abbey

For breathtaking views of mountains, a journey to Bellapais Abbey is worth, which is situated above the sea. This abbey was built by the Augustinian in 1200, which offers some spectacular view of different Gothic architecture. If you feel tired, then you can take a few bites from the small eateries, which basically serves local delicacies.

Cyprus Museum

Cyprus Museum is one of the most famous places in Cyprus, which is a reminiscent of past and is a treasury of different archaeological items, that is collected from different parts of the country and various ancient sites. The island's history is stated very well, along with some interesting facts and images. A light and sound show is held during weekends, along with voice over, where the history of the island is told in the form of narrative, to make it interesting to visitors and tourists.

House of Dionysos

House of Dionysos, one of the most famous tourist spots in Cyprus, is a Roman villa in Paphos. Built in the late second century A.D., the House

of Dionysos is actually a reconstruction of the original house. The house offers a well preserved Roman mosaics from wooden walkways. The delicacy of the work are just amazing. The house remains open daily from 7.30 am to 5 pm. During the summer, it remains open up to half past seven in the evening.


Kition is an ancient in Larnaka which displays the ruins of the temples of the 13th century B.C. The Temple of Astarte is the most prominent among those, which is a Phoenician temple constructed on the site of an temple that was built during the Bronze Age. Tourists can visit the site from Monday to Friday between 7.30 am and 2.30 pm. Kition remains close during July and August due to the tremendous heat.

Kolossi Castle

Kolossi castle is the fort that was built in the 13th century, during the Crusades, by the Knights of St. John. Located 9 miles west of Limassol, Kolossi Castle, nowadays houses the Medieval Museum. Tourists can see a wide range of collections of armor and military weapons. The fort remains open daily between 7.30 am and 5 pm.

The other famous places in Cyprus where you can drop in during your visit to the country are given below:

  1. Buffavento Castle
  2. Chirokitia Neolithic Settlement
  3. Famagusta Walled City
  4. Agois Dometios
  5. Kaledonia Falls
  6. Kantara Castle