Travel to Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a country in Central Europe. The country shares its border with Austria, Poland, Germany and Slovakia. Czech Republic was also known as Bohemia, till1918 and was formed in 9th century. Travel to Czech Republic is sure to lead you to several tourist attractions. A brief overview of the country is given below in order to plan your travel conveniently.

When to visit Czech Republic?

Czech Republic experiences temperate climate. Summers are hot and winters are cold and cloudy along with snowfall. Temperatures in Czech Republic vary a lot, depending on the altitude of the place.

January is the coldest month, whereas from March to April, temperatures are generally high. You can visit during autumn, which is in September. Do not plan your trip in winter, as it is very cold.

How to reach Czech Republic?

Euzyne International Airport is the international airport of Czech Republic. It is one of the busiest airports in Europe. Apart from that, there are 46 airports in the country, out of which six are international airports. The names of some international and domestic airports are given below.

International Airports in Czech Republic

  1. Kunovice Airport
  2. Brna Turany Airport
  3. Ruzyne Airport

Domestic Airports in Czech Republic

  1. Benesov Airport
  2. Ceska Lipa Airport
  3. Horice Airport

If you want to travel to Czech Republic, you can opt for different airlines that fly in Czech Republic, connecting it to different places. Names of few airlines are given below.

  1. Czech Airlines
  2. ABS Jets
  3. SmartWings
  4. Travel Service Airlines
  5. Silver Air
  6. Travel Service Airlines

If you want to travel by bus in Czech Republic, then you have to drop in at Prague, where the international bus terminal is located. There are buses which are available everyday, connecting different cities in Europe. During June to the end of September, bus services are very frequent, after which it reduces a bit. The names of some of the international bus agencies are mentioned below.

  1. Student Agency
  2. Capital Express

If you want to travel by car, then you need to have a proper driving license and the road rules are the same, as it is in Europe. If you want to use the motorways in Czech Republic, then you have to buy a tax coupon that is available in highways, petrol pumps, borders etc.

Travel to Czech Republic by train is also possible as there is international train service in Prague

Places to visit in Czech Republic

Travel to Czech Republic is incomplete without visiting the various places of interest in and around the country. Mentioned below are few such places you can drop in during your visit.

  1. Parague
  2. Bohemia
  3. Moravia
  4. Plzen
  5. Adrspach- Teplice Rocks
  6. Cesky Krumlov
  7. Olomouc
  8. Bohemia Switzerland National Park
  9. Kutna Hora

Accommodations in Czech Republic

If you want to enjoy your travel to Czech Republic, then it is a must to know about the different hotels and about the mouth watering delicacies that they offer. Mentioned below are few such places.

  1. Mustek
  2. Hotel William
  3. Hote Tyl
  4. Red Chair Hotel
  5. Green Garden
  6. Hotel International
  7. Hotel Europa
  8. Holiday Inn Brno
  9. Hotel Vranov
  10. Hotel Derby
  11. Spa Hotel Thermal

As far food is concerned, Czech people prefer meats. Pork is favorite meat, other than beef and chicken. If you want to experiment with meat preparations, then you can try out goose, duck and rabbit that are served at different eateries. Liquor is also preferred and they have two non alcoholic drinks which is also quite popular among tourists. So travel to Czech Republic, in order to enjoy food and the diverse culture of the country.