Famous Places to visit in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is one of the Central European countries that are bordered by Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Poland. This place was known as Bohemia until 1918, and Czech Republic was formed in the late 9th century. Your trip is incomplete without dropping in at the famous places in Czech Republic. Given below are few places where you can drop in during your visit.

Prague City Center

This is the central place in the capital city of Prague, where there are number of shops and amusement centers. Here you will also get the city map, which will help you to decide your next destination and will be easier for you to make your travel plan. This is one of the important and famous places in Czech Republic.

Petrin lookout tower

Petrin lookout tower is one of the famous places in Czech Republic. This tower is 60 meter high and it resembles the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Even though it is shorter than the Eiffel tower, it has a strong resemblance structurally and as the tower is located on top of Petrin hill, it seems higher in size.

You can either walk up to the tower or you can avail the lift, which is there for disabled person. If you love hiking, then you can enjoy this trail on top of the tower. This place is one of the major tourist draw and was built on 1891.

Charles Bridge

It is of the Gothic bridge, which connects the old town and Mala Strana. Charles Bridge was previously known as Stone Bridge and was constructed in 1357, by the Czech king and the Roman Emperor Charles IV. This bridge is one of the famous monuments, which was built during Charles reign. A number of vendors stand on both side of the bridge, selling different items and you can also enjoy sunrise and sun set from this bridge, which is a wonderful experience.

Prague Castle

Famous places in Czech Republic are incomplete without mentioning about Prague Castle. The Kings of Bohemia, Roman Emperors and different other dignitaries of the country, used too stay here at one point of time. Now this place is converted into a tourist attraction and the Bohemian crown jewels are kept in this palace for public viewing.

It is one of the biggest ancient castles in the world, where you can find different architectural style in the castle building. The castle includes several cathedrals, gardens, different places etc. It also has museums, National gallery etc, which are open for public viewing.

Old New Synagogue

This synagogue is located in Josefov and is one of the oldest European synagogues, which is still active. This structure was completed in 1270 and is of typical gothic style and is one of the country's first gothic buildings. There is a museum, where you can see different images that reflects the past and the history of the place.

The country is rich in culture and heritage and there are various places where you can drop in, other than places of historical interest. Given below are few such famous places in Czech Republic, where you can drop in.

  • Vankovka Gallery
  • City Center of Brno
  • Golden Lane
  • New Town of Prague

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