Travel to Denmark

Denmark is a Scandinavian country, in Northern Europe. The country has a large peninsula and many small islands. Jutland is the peninsula and the various small islands are Zealand, Bornholm and Funen. If you plan to travel to Denmark, it is necessary to have an idea about the place. People of Denmark are generally happy people and you can enjoy your trip to Denmark by visiting different places.

Best time to travel to Denmark

Climate in Denmark is temperate. So you can plan to travel to Denmark at any point of time, as it is neither very hot in summer, nor very cold in winter. It is to be kept in mind, as Denmark is located in north, day with bright sunlight differs a lot.

The best time to drop in at Denmark is during June to August, when a number of activities takes place in Denmark. Even though you can drop in during autumn, but it is not very pleasant.

How to Travel to Denmark?

Copenhagen Airport is the largest international airport and there are various flights that are available for your travel. There are different types of schemes that are available for students, business fliers, and frequent fliers and for first time fliers. The major airliners that operate in Copenhagen are:

  1. National Airline
  2. Sun Air Scandinavian
  3. Wings of Bornholm
  4. Air Alsie
  5. Jettime
  6. DAT Danish Air Transport

If you want to enjoy your trip to Denmark, you can avail the ferry service. It is a leisurely ride where you can enjoy various amenities, depending on the type of ferry. In luxury liners, there are restaurants, cafes, shopping facilities, nightclubs and a lot more. You can also find casinos, groceries etc. Fares depend on the kind of ferry service you are choosing. It is advisable, to know about the prices in detail, as they vary at times.

Places of Interest in Denmark

If you travel to Denmark, you can drop in at some of the most exciting and interesting cities, in and around Denmark. Few such places are mentioned below.

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Arhus
  3. Skagen
  4. Hillerod
  5. Bornholm
  6. Ribe
  7. Mons Klint
  8. Silkeborg
  9. Roskilde
  10. Trelleborg
  11. Aalborg
  12. Eroskobing
  13. Esbjerg
  14. Funen

Travel to Denmark- Music and Literature

If you travel to Denmark, then Danish music is sure to draw your attention. Denmark is a place of diverse cultural interest and many innovative cultures were also born here. You can find a wide range of folk traditions in Denmark. Denmark has one of the oldest orchestra in the world. Many great composers and musicians from Denmark later got international recognition.

Danish literature mainly contains folk and fairytales, the origin of which dates back to 10th and 11th century. Romanticism was also a great influence for Danish writers.

Accommodations in Denmark

  1. Windor Hotel
  2. Hotel Danmark
  3. Fox Hotel
  4. Hotel Opera
  5. The Square
  6. Avenue Hotel
  7. Dagmar Hotel
  8. Britannia Hotel
  9. Scandic Olympic

You can enjoy the various cuisines in Denmark that are similar to northern Germany, which are mainly non vegetarian, consisting of fish and meat. Foods in Denmark include typical Danish dishes. They also eat a lot of cheese. The meal in Denmark is known as "middag", which is typical to Denmark. Popular meat dishes include pork steak along with beef and chicken. Fish is mainly eaten by the people of Jutland.