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Famous Places in Denmark

There are many famous places in Denmark where you can drop in during your trip to the country. The Scandinavian country has a lot to offer to its tourists apart from historical buildings and different old towns and cities. Given below are few such places famous places in the country.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens always tops the list of famous places in Denmark and is a favorite tourist destination. This is actually a theme park that was built during 1800's during the reign of King Christian VII. This is not only a park in general, but it has a man made lake and different variety of flowers and trees.

There are number of rides like roller coaster, ferries wheels etc where you can take a ride and enjoy the aerial beauty of the park. You can also munch different kinds of snacks that are available inside the park, while taking a stroll leisurely. If you are an ardent music lover then you can visit music shows that are held inside the garden.

Den Gamle By

During your trip to the country, you will come across various old towns. Den Gamle By, which is also known as The Old town, is located just outside the capital town of Copenhagen. This place has an open air museum, which was built in 1914 and is a famous tourist destination.

The staffs of the museum are dressed in traditional outfits, which add charm to the place. Certain old structures are also built, which are replica of the original structure. Visitors can drop in at that place, in order to feel what kind of life the people led of that time.

There are number of old buildings in the old town, which dates back its origin to the mid 1500's to late 1800's. The largest and most famous buildings are mayor's mansion, the Aalborg Estate etc. Apart from old buildings, you can also visit different other old structures, that are there.

Little Mermaid Statue

The little mermaid statue is located right in middle of the lake, is one of the many famous places in Denmark and has been a huge tourist draw. This statue was unveiled during 1913 and is still the most talked about by the people of Denmark.

The statue is five feet tall and is placed on top of a rock, for which it is visible from a far distance. The color is a combination of sea blue and copper, which gives the statue a mystic look and makes it even more attractive to the visitors.

Egeskov Castle

This castle is located in the south of Funen, which is an island. Egeskov Castle is one of Europe's best preserved Renaissance water castle, which is very famous. This castle was made in 1554 by Frands Brockenhuus and its history dates back to 14th century. This castle is located in a small lake and you can reach the castle with the help of a drawbridge.

It is believed that a forest of oak trees was required to build the foundation of the castle and so it was named as Egeskov. The castle houses different museums and both the castle and museums are open for public viewing.

Mons Klint

Mons Klint is one of the most famous places in Denmark and tourist attraction, which lies along the eastern coast, in the Danish island of Mon, in the Baltic Sea. There are chalk cliffs and a lighthouse, which offers spectacular view to its visitors. The place also has a number of woodlands, pastures, steep hills etc.

The parks and woods are now preserved as natural reserve and there are well marked path for walking and for other leisure activities. In 2007, a geological museum was also inaugurated on one of the cliff tops. Talks are on to make the whole of Mon a national park. The place has variety of flora and fauna, apart from various birds and animals.

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