Travel to Estonia

Estonia is another north European country and is officially known as Republic of Estonia. If you travel to Estonia, then you will get a Finnish touch, as the language is related to Finnish and most people in Estonia are Finnic.

When to travel to Estonia?

Estonia has a temperate climate as it is situated in the northern part. It also faces a transition in climate from continental to maritime. February is the coldest month and summers are usually not very hot. Temperatures in the islands generally remain cool. So you can travel to Estonia, as per your convenience and enjoy your holidays.

How to reach Estonia?

Estonia is well connected by airways, roads and waterways. There are a number of airports in Estonia, from international to military. Some of the international airports are as follows:

  1. Kardla Airport
  2. Kuressaare Airport
  3. Parnu Airport

The various airlines that operate in Estonia are as follows:

  1. Estonia Air
  2. Air Baltic

There are helicopters that plies between Helsinki and Tallinn but prices are bit high. Over night train services are available in Estonia, connecting different places in and around Estonia. Buses on the other hand are cheapest means of transport, but the journey is not comfortable. So the best way to travel to Estonia is by air.

Travel to Estonia- Places of Interest

  1. Tartu
  2. Parnu
  3. Lahemma National Park
  4. Saaremaa
  5. Tallinn
  6. Lake Peipsi
  7. Vormsi

Accommodations in Estonia

If you travel to Estonia, you can stay in some of the places mentioned below.
  1. Ammende Villa
  2. Hotel Park
  3. Hotel Liilia
  4. Padu Hotel

Travel to Estonia is incomplete, without enjoying the various cuisines that are served in the hotels at Estonia. People of Estonia depend on seasons and simple foods. The foods that are very common in Estonia are black break, potatoes, dairy products and pork. They also eat garden fresh fruits and vegetables. During winter, the people of Estonia eat a lot of jams and pickles. During winter, people of Estonia gather food and preserve it for the entire season. Fish as a food is also widely popular in Estonia, as it is a western country

Art and Culture in Estonia

The culture of Estonia represents the Finno- Ugric languages and cultures. Estonian culture is influenced a lot by its adjoining areas that of Baltic, Finnic, Germanic and Slavic people. In art also, the reflection of such culture can be felt.