Famous Places in Estonia

There are different places in Estonia apart from historical buildings and monuments. Famous places in Estonia include open air museums, old towns, reserve forests etc. Given below is a brief overview regarding different places in and around the country.

Jagala Falls

Jagala Falls is one of the famous places in Estonia, which is known as the Niagara Falls of the Baltic region. This is the highest falls in Estonia which offers breath taking views. This place is always crowded both in summers and in winters. During summers, it reflects the sunlight and in winters, it gets iced up, the beauty of which is worth viewing.

Rocca-al- Mare Open Air Museum

Rocca-al- Mare Open Air Museum is one of the open air museums in Europe and in the world, which remains open to its visitors all the year round. The museum can be visited during any part of the year. Apart from different items that are on display, you can buy some traditional artifacts and souvenirs from the shops that are located near the museum.

If you want to enjoy some authentic Estonian food, then you can drop in at Kolu Korts that serves local and traditional cuisines. There are nearly 60,000 objects that are on display in the museum and nearly 10,000 people visit the museum every year.

Kihnu Island

Kihnu Island is one of the famous places in Estonia, which is the seventh largest island of the country. Apart from walking in the beaches and engaging yourself in various beach activities, you can drop in at the following places in the island:

  • Light House of Kihnu
  • Church of Kihnu

If you love hiking or cycling, then you can do so in the seashore of Kihnu.

Ridala Church

This is one of the oldest churches that are located in Ridala. This church was built during 13th century and is one of the important medieval structures. In fact it is one of the best preserved churches of that time, which has a typical West-Estonian architecture. This church is dedicated to Mary and Magdalena and it has escaped many wars and battles and is still standing amidst all odds.

Matsula National Park

Famous places in Estonia also include Matsula Natioanl Park, which is a bird watcher's paradise. The park houses different varieties of birds, including birds of rare species. There are different varieties of birds like ducks, pigeons, owls etc. Apart from birds, you can also see plants of different varieties such as yarrow, cuckoo flower etc.

Kadriorg Palace and Park

Kadriorg Palace and Park was previously the residence of Russian Tsar, named Peter 1. But now it has been converted into a museum and a place of tourist interest. The Estonian Art's Museum is located here, which has different collections, including foreign items, European arts, paintings, sculptures etc that dates back its origin to 16th century to 20th century. The museum is surrounded by a park and is a popular spot for recreation and also various live programs like theatres, concerts etc are held.

Parnu Beach

Parnu beach is one of the other famous places in Estonia, where you can enjoy your vacations amidst beaches and crystal clear water. Apart from enjoying leisurely walks in the beaches, you can munch some mouth watering delicacies that are available in the small eateries, which are lined up on the beach. There are ancient churches and other architectural building that you can visit during your trip to the beach.