Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands is the capital of Netherlands. Amsterdam has got its name from Amstel Dam, which is situated on the river Amstel. This city has lots of historic places, red light districts along with some liberal coffee shops, for which this city has been named as 'The Venice of the North'. Amsterdam, Netherlands was founded in the 12th Century, which was then a small village of fishing. From then on, it has grown to be the largest city in the whole of Netherlands and today records a population of 743,104 people which are spread over 172 nationalities. The time zone of Amsterdam, Netherlands is Central European Time, which is UTC + 1 and during summer, it is CEST, which is UTC + 2.

Amsterdam, Netherlands experiences a typical maritime climate with mild and wet winters and summers with pleasant temperature. Summers are never very hot in whole of Netherlands. Most of the people of Amsterdam, Netherlands are Christians by religion and specifically they are Roman Catholics. Protestantism is also practiced along with Calvinism, which is also a very dominant section of the religion. Amongst the entire population, a large portion comprises of those who immigrated to the city and are still in the process of migrating from their specific nations.

There are two universities in Amsterdam, Netherlands, namely, Free University and University of Amsterdam. There are many art schools in the city as innumerable locals and Dutch nationals have got keen interest in art. International Institute of Social History is the largest research and documentary institutions in Amsterdam, Netherlands, which is concerned about history of labor movement and social history.

The primary language spoken in Amsterdam, Netherlands is Dutch, which is the official language, and it is spoken by most of the people. But, do not worry, most of the people know English and you can communicate in English too, when you visit Amsterdam, Netherlands.

If you are wishing to spend your next vacation in Amsterdam, Netherlands, you should know that there are lots of hotels in Amsterdam, Netherlands, which provide suitable accommodation facilities along with good dining arrangements and leisure activities. There are about 310 hotels in the city itself. But to reach Amsterdam, Netherlands, you can travel by air. All the major international airlines have their flights to Netherlands. You can also reach any other countries in Europe, and from there take connecting flights to Amsterdam.

The city is also well connected by road and rail transportation with the local and domestic areas as well as international destinations.