Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain is the most populated city in Spain. It is also the second largest city in whole of Spain, which records a population of 1,605,602 people according to the census of the year 2006. If you wish to visit this city, go through this page to get a comprehensive view on Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona is the prime economic center which has one of the popular Mediterranean ports of Europe. The International Airport ranks the second largest in whole of Spain. The place is primarily dominated by the Roman Catholicism. Today, Barcelona, Spain is considered as a major cultural center and it has also become a popular tourist destination, with innumerable people of varied tastes visiting Barcelona every year. The rich cultural heritage of Barcelona, Spain attracts tourists from all over the world. The seat of Catalonia government is in this city too.

The climate of Barcelona, Spain is of Mediterranean type, due to which people experience dry and warm summers and cold winters. In the month of February, which is the coldest month over here, the temperature goes down to 10 degree Celsius. Snowfalls are very rare and when it occurs, it is regarded as a social event.

There are attractive beaches and lots of fascinating tourist destinations in Barcelona which attract the tourists. Among them, Barcelona beach and Park Guell are notice worthy. There are also some skyscrapers in Barcelona, Spain, the highest of which is Hotel Arts and also Torre Mapre, which is regarded as the twin of the first one. A new construction, Torre Agbar, has also gained the status of famous skyscraper.

If you are planning to visit Barcelona, Spain, you can make your travel during Merce Festival, which is one of the famous ones over here. Do not worry about accommodation, as there are ample options of accommodation along with suitable dining options. You can also experience the popular as well as some local delicacies at this city. The imaginative as well as innovative cuisine is highly responsible for the blend of tradition with modernity at Barcelona, Spain.

To reach Barcelona, Spain, you can travel by airplane. Barcelona International airport being the important hub for most of the flights in Europe, is very easy to reach. Therefore reaching Barcelona would not be a problem at all. The official languages of Barcelona, Spain are Catalan and Spanish.

So, pack up your bags and look for suitable flight arrangements and also make travel plans to tour around Barcelona and Spain.

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