Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany is the capital of Gamma World city and the German State of Bavaria. Munich, Germany is the third largest city of Germany, the first two being Hamburg and Berlin, the two other popular cities of Europe, where tourists love to visit. The metropolitan region of Munich, Germany records a population of 6 million and the city itself comprises of 1.34 million people. Munich, Germany is situated in the north of Alps mountain range in Bavaria. This city was under Roman empire, and from that time the official colors have been gold and black.

The climate of Munich, Germany is continental and strongly influenced by Alps range, one of the major attractions of this city. The beautiful Alps mountains range is very close to this city. Rain is very sudden and unexpected in Munich, Germany. Extreme temperatures can be noticed during day and night. So, it is quite obvious that the temperatures during the winter and summer months also get extreme. Often the down winds from change the weather completely within a span of few hours, and it can also occur during winter as well. Though Munich, Germany is very cold during the winter, there is very rare instances of rainfall during this time. January is the coldest month with temperature remains around -2 degree Celsius. One can also experience snowfall for a couple of weeks during the winter. May through September is the Summer season in Munich, Germany.

At the center of Munich, Germany lies Marienplatz, which is a big open square with Marian column at center. The New and old town halls are also located in this region. The oldest building over here is Karlstor, which is situated at Stachus, a big square and Palace of Justice that attract a lot of attention. At the Inner City of Munich, Germany, there are four royal avenues which are grand in nature. There are also some beautiful official magnificent buildings within the city.

The tourist attractions of Munich, Germany also include several beautiful parks, which are responsible for imparting greens to the city of Munich, Germany. You should also know that there are some famous soccer teams in this region, which are famous worldwide. Munich, Germany was also the venue of Summer Olympics in the year 2006.

To reach Munich, Germany, you have to use the Munich International airport, which is the second biggest airport in Germany. The airport has gottwo terminals, and is the hub of many international flights.

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