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Custom regulations in Europe

Are you one of those who find the Custom regulations a troublesome matter while visiting an overseas country? Do you think that it is an unnecessary harassment? But it is not so if you have a clear idea about Custom regulations. If you want to bring back a handful of goodies, as it is one of the greatest attractions of visiting Europe, you should be aware of the customs requirements while you come back from your memorable vacation. It varies from one place to the other, so, go through this article to have a clear idea of the Custom regulations in Europe.

Make a list of all the valuable items you are carrying with you to Europe, so as to avoid the duties on them when you return. This list should include cameras, laptops, watches and similar valuable items. You can also make registration with customs, at the International Airport, from which you are taking the flight. You can also have a prior talk with the department and do accordingly.

In order to decide which goods you should take and which you shouldn't, you need to follow the advice of Customs department of the respective country where you are going to travel. According to the rules, the things which you are bringing back with you and were not there with you when you left for your destination, the total valuation of the articles will be calculated and if the total valuation comes out as higher than your exemption limit, then you need to pay duty for those.

Custom regulations have made specifications on certain items. The duty free articles of Europe, which you can carry outside Europe is 100 non Cuban cigar or 200 cigarettes and 1 liter of alcohol and s. All these items are duty free if the visitor is more than 21 years of age. You can bring foods but it is not possible to carry unless it is sweets, baked foods or chocolates. These things are much simpler to import. However, do avoid fruits, meats and vegetables. You can carry yogurt, milk or hard cheese. But, soft cheese are not allowed. It is quite obvious that, firearms and narcotics are not allowed along with cat and dog fur. However, you may bring drug paraphernalia, if it is medically prescribed.

So, do not worry about Custom regulations when you are visiting Europe. But do not carry the prohibited items, which may lead you to problem, on your way back. And, if you are carrying some articles that required custom duty, do mention it and give the necessary duty charges. Do not forget to carry the European chocolates, which are famous worldwide.

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