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European Languages

European Languages or the languages in Europe mainly come under three language groups, which can be said as Germanic languages, Romance languages and Slavic languages. Germanic languages come from southern region of Scandinavia and Romance languages are derivations of Latin language. As the continent of Europe comprises of so many countries, it is quite obvious that one would find several European Languages in this continent. Lots of regional languages are practiced in this part of the world.

The Romance languages can be found mainly in the southwestern part of Europe. It can also be found in Moldova and Romania, which are located in the eastern part of Europe. Germanic languages are spoken in the northwestern part of Europe. The people of central Europe also speak this language. The central, eastern, as well as the southeastern part of Europe speak Slavic languages.

Apart from these three European Languages, there are some other languages, which are also spoken in Europe. Among them English is the most predominant one. Another language group, Celtic, was once a distinct group like Romance, Slavic and Germanic languages, but, it is not so any more. In some of the regions, like Gaelic, Welsh and British Isles, people speak in Brittany.

Europe also supports multilingualism. It gives protection to the regional as well as minority languages. All these languages are recognized in Europe politically. The language rights in Europe have been established by the Council of European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages and also by The Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

Most of the European Languages have been derived from the family of Indo European language. Along with this, Turkic family and Finno Urgic family also have a significant number of people that speak in those languages.

The people who speak in Indo European Languages are Armenian, Albanian, Indo Iranian, along with the Celtic, Baltic and also the other three language groups. It is evident that the government would allow the regional languages to flourish in whole of Europe. So, along with English, which is the official language of Europe, lots of other languages are spoken, though the French is also a predominant language over here. So, if you are planning to visit Europe, you can do well with the English language.English is also used in all the official works throughout the continent of Europe.

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