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Family travel in Europe

The European countries are popular all over the world as tourist destinations. Tourist attractions and destinations are scattered all over the countries in Europe and millions of tourists from all corners of the globe gather in the tourist spots along their families every year and in almost all seasons. Italy, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic are some of the countries in Europe, where the economy gets a huge contribution from the tourism sector. Basically most of the European countries can be said to be 'tourist paradise'. Some attract millions of people for the natural beauty, some for historic values, some countries are flooded by international tourists during the cultural fairs and festivals and some are popular all over the world for their delicious cuisines.

Most of the European nations have got rich history of war, independence rise and fall of empires which are evident from the archaeological remains and the monuments that were erected during the medieval ages. The museums in different European cities are major international tourist attractions as the exhibits kept their speak about the history of particular region. Sports and entertainment and shopping malls in some European nations also attract large number of tourists. Most of the tourists spots are ideal for family travel in Europe. Most of the tourists spots are situated in and around the busy cities and as a result they are quite safe for family travel in Europe. While speaking about family travel in Europe, one need to mention about the parks and gardens in different European cities which are ideal places for children.

There are several museums also in the European cities where children enjoy in their own way. Besides the natural beauty of the tourists spots are also enjoyable for children. Names of some of the important tourist spots for family travel in Europe are given below:

London: Situated on the bank of Thames river, London is the capital and one of the largest city in United Kingdom. Tourist attractions are scattered all over this ultra modern city and there are plenty of hotels in the city Europe where you can stay while traveling with your family in Europe.

The shopping malls and departmental stores are other attractions of London.

Paris, France: Situated in the heart of Europe, Paris is the capital and the largest city in France and is also an important tourist destination. Large number of people from different parts of the world travel with their family to Paris because there are so much to see there. There are plenty of hotels in the city where you can stay with your family.