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Travel programs in Europe

If you are a tourist and does not stay in Europe, then it is the part of the world that you need to explore. Europe is an amazing continent on the earth where tourist destinations and attractions are available in each and every part of the continent. Europe covers a huge geographical area and comprises several nations that are famous across the world as most attractive international tourist destinations. Countries like France, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Austria earn a lot of revenue by serving international tourists. For their natural beauty,the beautiful cities, historic places, monuments, castles, palaces, museums, forests, national parks, art galleries, different parts of these European countries remain thickly populated throughout the year. Large number of people from different countries and also from other continents travel to different parts of Europe.

The wonderful atmosphere of the European countries, the cultural heritage, cultural fairs and festivals, cuisines are also major tourist attractions of most of the European countries and cities. The countries and cities in Europe are very well connected with each other as they have got excellent transport network. it is very easy for tourists to travel in different parts of Europe within a short period of time as flights are available in large numbers. The hotel industry of Europe is also a huge support for its tourism sector. There are numerous hotels in different European cities of different standards.

If you are rich enough you may enjoy the level of comfort provided by the deluxe, five star hotels in Europe and also three star, budget and discount hotels where staying is less expensive. A large percentage of tourists traveling in Europe prefer staying in the cheap, three star and budget hotels to save money which they can use for other purposes. While speaking about tourism one need to mention about the tour operators who arrange tour programs in Europe. There are large number of tour operators that are earning huge revenue by arranging travel programs in Europe.

These tour operators not only take people to different tourist destinations in Europe but also arranges their tickets, visas, accommodation in hotels and conveyance. At present maximum tourists are opting to contact the tour operators to get rid of arranging travel programs in Europe.

The detail of some travel programs along the names of tour operators and traveling expense are given below:

Tour program	No of days	Tour operator		Expense
Prague to Moscow	13 days		Imaginative Traveller		$ 1845	

The Haute Route	13 days		Distant Journeys		$ 2850		
Hiking/Trekking in France

Tour to Scotland's 	8 days		English Lakeland Ramblers	$2995
Highlands and Islands
Hiking/trekking in UK

Hiking and trekking	12 days		Battenkill canoe Ltd		$ 1995
in France

Netherland cycling	8 days		Cycletours Holland		$ 2295