Travel tips for Europe

Europe is a wonderful continent on this earth where tourist attractions and destinations are available in almost every inch. It is quite hard to find out a place in this huge continent which has got no importance as tourist destinations. Each and every country that comes under the territory of Europe are major international tourist hubs. Millions of people from different European countries and also from other continents travel to the different countries and cities in Europe because there is so much to see and know about the history of the continent. Most of the European nations are economically very stable and the tourism industry is one of the biggest contributing sector of their economy. Every year in almost all seasons the European nation earns a huge revenue from the tourism sector. The natural beauty of the countries falling under the territory has wonderful geographical location which is their biggest asset as far as tourism is concerned.

Mountains like the Alps, seas like Mediterranean, Pacific and the beautiful landscapes are the biggest factor that attract people from all corners of the globe for traveling in Europe. Besides, the ancient and medieval history of the European cities, archaeological remains, the ancient buildings and monuments that speak about history of rise of fall of empires, the religious places, the architectural wonders like Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Eiffel Tower in Paris and innumerable museums are things that creates the will of traveling to Europe among people.

Wonderful atmosphere is another big reason why the European nations get thousands of tourist throughout the year. It does not matter which season it is, you would always find thousands of tourists roaming in the major tourist attractions and destinations in the continent. And the availability of various hotels in the European countries are helping in attracting tourists from all corners of the globe. You may also opt for a tour to Europe in any time of the year but before getting out of your house you should take the travel tips for Europe so that your journey becomes more comfortable and safe. By taking the travel tips for Europe you would get to know about some points that you need to remember and some things that you need to carry while traveling in Europe. Some of the most important travel tips for Europe are given below:

While packing luggages you should take the following things:

  • Clothes

    1 pair of walking/comfortable shoes
    1 pair of sandals (weather permitting)
    1 rainproof jacket
    2-4 pairs of shorts/capris/skorts
    2 pairs of pants (one dressy, one casual), 1 belt
    1 swimsuit (packed in a plastic bag)
    5 pairs of socks (cotton blend)
    5 pairs of underwear (silk, lace, or micro-fiber dries quickest)
    1 extra bra (for women)
    4-6 shirts (long/short-sleeved, various colors)
    1-2 light cardigans for layering
    1-2 skirts (wrinkle-resistant)
    2 dresses (optional)
    1 hat
    scarves (to wear with clothing or hat)
    2 vests (optional)
    1 pair of pajamas (or long shirt to get you to the bathroom down the hall if necessary)

  • Toiletries/Medicine

    Body soap/puff (washcloth); most European hotels do not supply washcloths
    Vaseline (for feet)
    Razor (non-electric)/shaving cream or soap
    Sunscreen, insect repellent
    Prescription drugs (in original container with your name and your doctor's name, write down generic name)
    First aid kit/moleskin/blister kit
    Feminine hygiene products
    Nail clippers/file/tweezers
    Spare glasses and/or prescription, mini-eyeglass repair kit, or contact lenses and supplies
    Hand sanitizer
    OTC remedies (whatever works for you): Pepto, decongestants, etc.
    Clothesline, sink stopper, soap
    Baby powder (dry shampoo for hair)

  • Money and Security

    Passport, plane ticket, debit card, credit cards, traveler's checks, railpass, driver's license
    Copies of your passport, plane ticket, and prescriptions in the bottom of your luggage.

  • Preferable weight of luggage

    Pack light, wash frequently, buy it if you need it.
    Your luggage should weigh about 20% of your body weight, preferably no more than 20 pounds.

  • Important travel tips for Europe It is preferable for you to pack luggages one week before your trip. Pack your bag with everything you think you want to take, and carry it around for a day to check whether it is comfortable or too heavy.