Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the oldest cruise lines, which has defined luxury cruising in its own terms. Carnival Cruise Lines started its voyage in 1972 and since then grew to become the world’s largest cruise line. The cruising experience with Carnival Cruise Lines is of constant partying while developing fraternity with fellow passengers. Carnival, the name very much justifies the atmosphere that one will experience while on-board.

Carnival Cruise Lines, by justifying its name, promises of constant merriment with expansive lounges and neon-lit discos. What set Carnival apart from the rest of the cruise liens is its constant evolution process. They have introduced the concept of changes in the cruising industry. No two experiences of yours with Carnival are going to be similar. They have given cruising experience a whole new dimension by introducing non-traditional itineraries like-Alaska and Atlantic Canada along with traditional tours to Caribbean and Bahamas. Similarly, they are known for conducting top-notch children programs for their young passengers, which has made them a favorite choice for parents with kids. Carnival Cruise lines cruise tours are complete family experiences with on-ship casinos, bars and lounges for the adults and entertaining activities for the kids.

Carnival Cruise Lines: What makes it special?

Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the oldest cruise liners that offer luxury cruising options to tourists. It still controls a significant portion of the world’s cruising industry. Following are the salient features which have made Carnival Cruise Lines a favorite choice for the passengers,
  • It is one of the oldest and the world’s largest cruise liners and therefore knows the art of the business.
  • Large capacity ships with panache that describes luxury with great efficiency.
  • On-board fun activities and entertainment to ensure great value-for-money.
  • It is a complete family ship that has activities and fun for the family members of all ages.
  • Great options of itineraries to destinations like- Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, Europe and more.
  • Comfortable boarding options with plush mattresses and soft duvets. The passengers of the suits are allowed to choose pillows of the likings in an option called ‘Suit Pillow’.
  • High priority to customer satisfaction in which unhappy customers are allowed to disembark at the first port and get full refund of their money.
  • Special discounts offered to senior citizen passengers.
Carnival also has special offerings of wedding at sea for couples who would like make a special marriage; as well as they have golf playing options for the sports enthusiasts.

Carnival Cruise Lines in Europe

Although Carnival Cruise Lines is offering luxury cruising tours to the other parts of the world since 1972 they are relatively new in offering European cruise trips. They have joined Europe cruise trips industry only in 2002 when the first ship of the line, Carnival Legend, made its voyage to Europe. In 2005, Carnival Legend had spent the entire season cruising in Europe and since then Carnival has been offering regular cruising tours to the continent.

Now their grand Mediterranean cruise travels to seven of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, including Rome, Naples and the like.

Carnival Cruise Lines: Know more about the fleet

Carnival is the world’s largest passenger cruise liners with its fleet consisting of - Carnival Fantasy, Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Sensation, Carnival Fascination, Carnival Inspiration, and the like. In its more aggressive ship-build program Carnival has introduced liners like- Carnival Pride, Carnival Legend, Carnival Conquest, Carnival Glory, and so on and so forth.

So far Carnival Dream has been the most adventurous ship-build project of Carnival. It is the largest ship in the liner with the total capacity of 3,646 passengers.

While Carnival Destiny is a complete smoke free ship, Carnival Paradise has introduced ‘limited smoking’ areas in bars, casinos and on the lido deck.

Carnival Magic, which is a new inclusion in the fleet, exclusively sails from Europe.

Carnival Cruise Lines: What to expect on-board

Traveling on a Carnival cruise ship is going to be a complete family experience. On-board, Carnival offers a hoard of fun and activities for passengers, such as- napkin-folding classes, kitchen tours, belly-flop pool contests, waterslide races and such.

All their ships come with appropriate size spas, fitness centres, pools as well as casinos. They are also constantly experimenting with their dining menu to introduce world cuisines. They also have ‘Your Time Dining’ facility which allows the passengers to dine at a time of their convenience between 5:45 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

The features and services offered by Carnival vary widely between its liners and hence, passengers looking for a memorable cruising experience with Carnival Cruise Lines may conduct a ship-to-ship comparison research before booking their trips if they are particularly interested in a special feature.