Compagnie Du Ponant

Compagnie Du Ponant is the only cruise line that sails under the French flag. It is based in Marseilles, France and was established in 1988 to offer more private yacht like experience on European cruise trips. The line is owned by the CMA CGM Group, the third largest container shipping company. The specialty of Compagnie Du Ponant lies with its offers of elegant yachts with personalized services, comfortable staying and exclusive itineraries.

More often the cruise line offers its small-sized vessels for tours of European ports. The passenger capacities of the yachts vary between 64 and 264.

Compagnie Du Ponant: Know more about the fleet

The current size of the fleet is of five ships with varied capacities. Each of the yachts is designed in the state-of-the-art fashion that speaks both of tradition and modernity. Each of the five ships of the line is different from one another in their personality. The ships in Ponant line are,
  • Le Ponant- The 64-passenger, with 32 stateroom three-masted sailing ship.
  • Le Levant � The 90 passenger cruise ship with 45 staterooms to offer more private yacht like experience.
  • Le Diamant- It is a small expedition ship with the ability to sail in the polar water. It is only of the cruise ships of the line with private balcony cabins and suits. There are 132 suits and staterooms available in Le Diamant.
The new inclusions to the line are Le Boreal and L'Austral each with 264-passenger capacity. All the ships of Compagnie Du Ponant are available for private charter. The idea is to offer more personalized cruising experience by accessing the ports which can only be visited by small vessels. The itinerary of Compagnie Du Ponant therefore contains some of the most exotic tourist destinations of Europe.

Compagnie Du Ponant: French style cruising

The French style speaks of luxury and elegance, and the same have been reflected in the tours of Compagnie Du Ponant. The crew members are professional, attentive and obliging; always in a sunny mood.

The crew members are proficient both in English and French; the entire tour is therefore conducted in both the languages for the benefit of the English speaking passengers. Hence, you will find all your desired being attended by the experienced crew members with utmost sincerity.

Compagnie Du Ponant cruise trips are also marked for excellent wine and dine options. The dining experience in Compagnie Du Ponant can be most fulfilling with its extensive range of gourmet cuisine. Their menu is an excellent example of the rich French cuisine infused with flavors from the different ports of its visit.

There are lots one can enjoy while on-board on a Compagnie Du Ponant yacht. Although different ships of the line features different looks the main focus remains on offering most relaxing private yacht like experience to the passengers.

Compagnie Du Ponant also makes special arrangements for its young passengers. There are children special menus, fun-tea parties, piano lessons and several others activities scheduled to keep the young passengers engaged.