Disney Cruise Line

When it comes to find a cruise line which offers the best on-board activities for kids, no other cruise liners can hold a candle to Disney Cruise Line. Cruising on a Disney Cruise Line is always a fairytale experience.

At the beginning it might have struck an unusual idea to many when Disney decided to enter the cruising business. But since its launch the cruising expeditions have enjoyed immense success amongst cruise lovers.

The Disney cruise liner has two ships namely- Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. The outer appearance of the twin ships resembles that of the bygone era; particularly that of 1920s, when the interior pays a subtle homage to the Disney characters. There are ample engravings of the mighty �mouse�, who has started it all. The d�cor of Disney ships has proved the fact that elegant decoration doesn�t mean a sacrifice to family friendliness.

Many of the on-board activities introduced by the Disney Cruise Line have been unique in innovation and are adopted by many of its competitors, such as- the �soda card� concept. However, most strikingly Disney Cruise Line ships don�t have casinos and libraries keeping in mind the young boarders.

Disney ships efficiently cater to both their young passengers as well as the adults. The Cove Caf� is an adult only cafeteria, tactfully positioned beside the Quiet Cove pool; when the new college-dorm-meets-coffee-bar place is for teen passengers.

If you have decided for a Disney cruising experience you may expect the following,
  • Pleasing to the eye onboard atmosphere that is inspired by the Disney characters.
  • Perfect ambience for family holidays with spacious-than-normal staterooms. A stateroom will easily accommodate four members.
  • Nostalgic cruising experience in ships that resemble ships of the bygone era in their appearances.
  • Suits that come with bathtub, TV, a mini-bar, a safe and a hair dryer.

The fleet that will take your around

Unlike many other cruise liners, the fleet of Disney Cruise Line is remarkably small in size. Over a decade they had only two ships by the names of Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. However, they have presently introduced two more ships to the line- Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, which will take the total number of ships in the fleet to four. The two new ships are bigger in size than their predecessors.

Despite limited number of ships and limited capacity, Disney Cruise Line receives highest numbers of passengers for each of their trips. The average number of passengers on-board any time will reach to 3, 750. However, one must remember that the largest part of their passengers is kids and young adults.

Disney Cruise Line a fairytale experience

On a Disney trip one must remember that it is a family cruise with main focus on the kids and therefore, the on-board activities are loaded with Disney themed programs to entertain young passengers.

The ships have expansive Disney Theater, which resembles a plush Broadway house and shows Disney flicks. Recently they have introduced �Disney Digital 3-D� on their ships to make the movie going experience even more exciting.

However, if you are an adult and want to enjoy your own way while the kids are having their funs you can venture into the adult only zone which comprises of pools, spa and a boutique restaurant named Palo, which serves North Italian cuisine. However, you may remember to book your reservation beforehand since the capacity of the restaurant is very limited.

There are also night-clubs for adults but they are less attractive than the rest of the cruise. As an alternative for the night-club one can rather check out with the sports pubs, dance clubs and piano bars.

On-board, the ships are scheduled to have hoards of children programs and activities. These are organized and overseen by experienced and caring young counselors. There are scheduled as well as surprise character visits at the private zones, theaters, quiz shows, video game parlors and more. Disney Cruise Lines also have daycare centres to relieve parents of their duties to look after infants.

The Disney Cruise Line ships are available for trips of Alaska and Mexico. As well as they have cruises scheduled for Europe. Make sure that you book your trip sufficiently ahead since the demand is very high.