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Historical Western Europe

The western part of Europe, the second smallest continent of the world, encompasses countries like United Kingdom, Italy, France, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Finland, Germany and the Nordic countries. Almost all the countries in Europe are noted for their historical backdrops, especially the historical Western Europe. With numerous historical sites located in different countries, the Western Europe is flocked by tourists every year.

There are numerous airports which help the international visitors to tour the historical Western Europe. Belfast International Airport, Dublin Airport, Charles de Gaulle Airport, and Heathrow International Airport are just a handful. Different types of transportation facilities are available in all these Western European countries, aiding the visitors to enjoy a trouble-free tour. The wide range of historical sites of Western Europe provides an insight about the age-old history to the visitors. Knowing about different ages and century of past is simply enthralling and these historical sites are the sources for all the information.

Touring historical western Europe surely includes United Kingdom. United Kingdom, one of the most significant countries of Europe, holds the longest history and maximum historical sites. Bronte Weaving Shed, Allhallows Museum, The Carpet Museum, Cromford Mill, Museum of Color, Occupation Tapestry Museum, The Paisley Museum, Trowbridge Museum and The Lace Hall are some world famous historical sites of United States. From pottery to textiles, historical artifacts, silk industry items, Roman artifacts to excellent architectural works, these historical venues of United Kingdom exhibits almost everything.

Historic Center of Florence, Early Christian Monuments of Ravenna, Piazza del Duomo, archaeological areas of Agrigento, Botanical Garden of Padova and so forth are regularly visited by tourists, archaeologists and historians. Visit the different cities and regions to explore the varied historical destinations and have a better sketch of the country's history.

In Ireland the most important locations are the Archaeological Ensemble of the Bend of the Boyne and Skellig Michael. France has been blessed with numerous UNESCO Heritage Sites. The Chartres Cathedral, Le Havre, Bourges Cathedral, Le Pont du Gard, Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans, Loire Valley, Historical Fortified City of Carcassonne and Jurisdiction of Saint-Emilion are some of the historical destinations of France. Go around the cities and different regions and take pleasure of the wide variety of locations. These sites can not only provide historical evidences and information but also enlighten the present generation about the past.

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