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Traditional Tours to Europe

Europe is a top tourist destination; there are many cities and places in the continent of Europe where you can plan your tour. Europe boasts of a rich history of kings and monarchs, great architectural specimens and wonderful heritage of music and varied art forms like painting and dance. Europe is a continent of tradition and diversified culture. Traditional tours in Europe, hence is a big draw amongst one and all. Both the national tourists as well as the overseas travelers greatly enjoy these European traditional tours.

Europe is a fascinating region when we talk of its vibrant music; traditional musicians of Europe are simply the best and are of world class standard. As you plan a trip to the land of beautiful beaches and majestic mountains and indulge yourself in the pleasures of good food and wine you can go in for the traditional music tours in Europe. These music tours of Europe are organized by the travel agents and operators both in and outside Europe. Italy and Spain are highly recognized for these sorts of traditional tours. Music tours are like blending the pleasure of traveling with love for traditional music. Both these aspects soothe the mind and body and hence these tours are increasing in demand and popularity.

Southern Europe Music Tour in Europe is a famous one amongst the several traditional tours in Europe. In this tour you will be taken to Cagliari (Sardinia); Sardinia is a rugged island but its music is rich and unique. This place is blesses with great music heritage and happens to be the homeland of Luigi Lai, one of the famous flute players of Europe. This tour entails staying at Su Gologone; you visit the town of Biti and enjoy the pleasure of 'Shepherds Lunch' with Tenored di Biti, one of the famous people associated with the traditional singing culture and lifestyle of Sardinia. The music tradition of this place is in tandem with the harmonics of mountains and nature.

Visiting the Corsican town of Sartene again opens up scope for enjoying traditional music. Musicians gather in the concerts held here and you can have a gala time in listening to their symphony. Pigna, a small artisan village is a hilly terrain which overlooks a coastline. This place is known for musical nights and shows. The restaurant Casa Musicale hosts many musical nights; enjoy your love for gastronomy and music.

The above discussed tour is just a fragment of the macro picture of traditional tours in Europe. There are many more tours like these that you can explore in Europe.

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