Famous Places To Visit in Europe

Europe prides in maximum tourism annually and is known for its historical, cultural and geographical magnificence. On your visit to the most famous places in Europe don't miss the heritage buildings, country views and exquisite alps.

Rome, Athens, Poland and France are some of the famous places in Europe. If you are looking out for romantic beaches, adventurous winter sports, serene country side, breathtaking volcanoes and luxurious accommodations - you can find everything in Europe.

Attractions in Europe

Denmark - You would surely love this amazing country of Europe. This is definitely one of the most affluent nations in the world and prides in providing some of the pristine travel destinations in Europe. The Danes stores and dining options are very interesting. On your trip to Europe you can explore the most exciting places like Copenhagen, Ribe and Odense. Check out for the finest restaurants in Copenhagen that boasts of maximum Michelin stars and scrumptious meals.

The lovely country side towns, medieval buildings, 18th century villages and beautiful castles would sweep to the renaissance era.

Switzerland - You would simply say Wow! on your visit to this incredible spot in Europe. You can feel that this place is a combination of Italy, France and Germany. The paradisiacal spots with winter sports offering thrilling adventure makes the entire trip very interesting. The list of famous places in Switzerland is endless - from mountaineering peaks, sparkling lakes and countryside villages are some to mention.

Plan your romantic trip to Switzerland to explore Geneva, Zurich, Basel and Lausanne which are considered the most dramatic tourists attractions.

Austria - Discover the incredible palaces, melodies of Mozart, dazzling Alps and cascading landscapes in Austria. Don't miss the gorgeous destinations like Salzburg and Vienna on your visit to Europe.

There are lots of fun activities you can indulge into, on your visit to Austria. You can go cycling to explore the mountaineering trails, stroll in the walkways near Austrian lakes and witness the splendid beauty of the cities.

France - Here you come, to the world top most European tourist's destination. The hot and happening country in the world is France. You would be surely astounded to explore this marvelous nation which offers fancy spots, breathtaking landscapes and relaxing beaches.

Paris the hub of fashion and trending market which is not just famous for Eiffel tower but, has lot more to be discovered. Make your love life extremely romantic by visiting the most passionate cities of France.

Plan your trip wisely and don't miss the major attractions. Ensure that you carry a Europe map and know about the exchange details before visiting. Get the accommodation in comfortable hotel to take pleasure of the luxury at affordable prices. Hope you enjoy visiting all the famous places in Europe. Happy traveling!