Travel to Faroe Islands

Lying amidst the heart of North Atlantic's Gulf Stream are the Faroe Islands. This is basically an archipelago of islands that lies midway between Norway and Iceland and towards northwest of Scotland. Faroe Island archipelago comprises 18 islands which span over an area of 545.3 sq miles or 1399 sq meter. So, if you travel to Faroe Islands, make sure you tour around the places, the islands are famous for.


As of January 2009, the population was recorded as 48, 778. Klaksvik is the second largest town and as many as 4,700 people live in the town. Most of the people live in the metropolitan area. And you will find people belonging to different sects. They may include Hestur, Torshavn, Nolstoy, Argir, Sund etc.

Tourism in Faroe Islands

According to a survey conducted by the National Geographic Traveler and National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations, Faroe Islands was rated first among 111 island communities that the National Geographical periodical carried out a survey on. In fact, this archipelago of islands superseded tourism spots in Switzerland and Hawaii!

Since it is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, it is home to thousands of people from across the globe. Millions of tourists travel to Faroes Islands to spend their holidays.

What makes Faroe Islands appealing?

Glaciated landscapes and steep slopes are not the only attractions that have lured tourists to this part of the world. In fact, there is much more than just that. These islands also have architectural splendors that have been traced back to the 9th century.

There is another factor that has contributed immensely to the beauty of this place and also one of the reasons why people travel to Faroe Islands. It is the climate. It is never too hot or never too cold. There is intermittent sunshine and at times you may see dense mist encircling these islands. It is a spectacular sight.

Faroe Islands Attractions

Given below are names of some of the places where you can while away your time when you travel to Faroe Islands. Check out these places.

Places to visit in Streymoy

  1. Tinganes in Torshavn
Tinganes in Torshavn is a place that is a must-see. With roof covered with grass, the old historical building serves as the Faroese government headquarters.

  1. Nolsoy
You can spend your time at Nolsoy in several ways. Some of the activities you can participate in, include North Island walk, walk up to the lighthouse, and visit Ova Joensen Memorial etc.

Places to visit in Bordhoy

If you are planning to visit Bordhoy, make sure you visit the 2 islands namely, Kalsoy and Fugloy.

Places to visit in Suduroy

When you are visiting Suduroy in Faroe Islands, you can visit the following places -

  1. Ruth Smith Art Museum
  2. Asmundarstakkur
  3. Eggjarnar
  4. Akraberg Lighthouse
  5. Husio uttan Anna
  6. Church of Pokeri
  7. Broadway Bowling Center
  8. Galleri Oyggin etc

Reaching Faroe Islands

Owing to the fact that the islands are located in the heart of the Gulf Stream, it may appear that these islands are difficult to reach. But it is not, because the islands are well connected to different parts of the world. And that accessibility is not a cause of concern is evident from the fact that the place has managed to attract tourists and one reason why people travel to Faroe Islands.

If you are boarding a flight

There are direct flights from Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and England. Different airline companies operate their flights several times a week. All you need to do is check out the timings.

Alternatively, if you don't suffer from sea sickness and you like to spend sometime on water, avail ferry services that will take you to Hirshals. One of the well known vessels that sail between Faroe Islands and connect it to the major parts of Europe is Norrona.

Faroe Islands Hotels

Since it is a tourist spot, many hotels have come up in Faroe Islands and its adjoining areas. Most of these have their websites and you can book your rooms online.