Famous Places To Visit in Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands is one of the smallest islands located between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The island was known as the land of Vikings and there were different communities who resided in the islands and used to earn their livelihood by fishing in the beaches and other similar activities. Apart from that the country has a lively and vibrant culture of its own and there are some famous places in Faroe Islands where you can visit during your trip to the country. A brief overview regarding various famous places in the island is given below.

Famous places in Faroe Islands and Torshavn

The capital city of Torshavn is the largest city in the Faroe Island. It was founded in 10th century and is the main cultural, economic and administrative center. It is an old town where you can see a number of architectural buildings and various other historical places of attraction. Some of the places that you can drop in during your stay in the city are mentioned below:

  • Tinganes
  • Kirkjubour
  • Niels Finsens Gota
  • Skansin Fort
  • The Parliament Building
  • Tinganes


This is one of the other famous places in Faroe Islands where you can visit during your trip to the country. It is a small city, which has few islands and some small fishing towns and the second largest town Klaksvik of the island is located here. You can visit the harbor, History Museum, St. Christmas Church etc.

St. Christmas Church is unique in the sense that from the roof of the church, a boat is hanging and it is believed that it is one of the four boats that was able to return safely on land during the stormy wintry night in 1923.


Trip to this country is incomplete without dropping in at Mykines. It is a small island, among various other islands that are there in Faroe. This place is a protected wildlife and bird sanctuary, where you can see different varieties of boirds, apart from different kinds of flora and fauna.

There is a small lake inside the reserve forest, where you can see number of migratory birds. A boat service is also available during summer in order to reach Mykines islands from Sorvagur to Vagar. The reserve forest is surrounded by a number of cliffs, and it is the nest for thousands of birds, as birds can easily rest on top of the cliffs, which are attractive and easily accessible. The different varieties of birds that you ca see in the reserve forest is seagulls, puffins, etc. At times local people catch birds as their livelihood.


Eysturoy lies in the east of Streymoy. In fact these are two islands and are linked by a bridge. There are high cliffs in between the islands, which offer breath taking views of the surrounding area. There are boat rides which you can avail in order to have a look at the surrounding natural beauty.

Saksun Museum

Museums are reminiscent of past and Saksun Museum is one of the famous places in Faroe Islands that is located in the northwest of Streymoy. This museum depicts the lives of people during middle ages and also various items that are on display, which were used by them during those times. The museum remains open on all seven days for public viewing and if you ant you can also do some fishing in the nearby lakes.