Travel to Finland

Finland has 1,250 km of coastline and is located in Northern Europe. It encircles the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea, and Gulf of Bothnia. Known for its unspoiled wilderness, there is something in the Finnish air that is bound to attract you.

Although the country enjoys an edge over most of the European countries, there are few areas in Finland that have remained remote and underdeveloped. Helsinki is the modern capital of the country and it will not be wrong to say that this is essentially an activity hub.

If you travel to Finland in winter, what you experience will be totally different from what you experience if you travel to the country in summer. Summers are arid and hot. And winters are cold but they are dry.

Best time to visit Finland

The best time of the year when you will find most of the travelers flocking to this place is between June and August. This is the time when summers are giving way to chilly winters. This is also the time when hotels are all decked up to make them look inviting to the tourists. It appears as though Finland never sleeps. So, if you are planning to visit Finland during this period, make sure that you book rooms to avoid the last minute rush.

Places of interest in Finland

There are many places in Finland that will mesmerize you with its beauty. Some of the places you can visit when you travel to Finland include the following -

  1. Turku
This is one of the oldest towns in Finland and has medieval castles, museums, cathedral, boat bars, and a night life that can be equally captivating.

  1. Jyvaskyla
Jyvaskyla is known for its architectural splendor and Lakeland University. Take a tour of the town and explore its history.

  1. Lakeland
Finland is home to as many as 188,000 lakes. As such it offers ample opportunity to indulge in some of the activities that people long for. These may include boating, swimming, canoeing, and fishing etc.

In addition to the places of interest mentioned above, you can try visiting the following places too. However, you need to have enough time.

Tourist attractions in Helsinki

You can visit the following places of interest in Helsinki, Finland. They are -

  1. Fortress of Suomenlinna
  2. Rock Church
  3. Ateneum Art Museum
  4. Marimekko
  5. Hakaniemi Market Square
  6. Uspenski Cathedral etc

Attractions in Vantaa, Finland

Check out the following places in Vantaa.

  1. Fazer Chocolate Factory
  2. Heureka Finnish Science Centre
  3. Pyhan Laurin Kirkko
  4. Akvaariolinna
  5. Flamingo Entertainment Centre etc

Attractions in Tampere
  1. Pyynikki Park and Observation Tower
  2. Finlaysonin Tehdasalue
  3. Galaxie Center
  4. Vapriikin Museokeskus etc

Finland Levi Attractions

  1. Kid's Land
  2. Levi Ski Resort
  3. Inghams Mini Husky Experience etc

Finland accommodation

You will find hotels of different categories when you travel to Finland. These may be 5 star, 4 star, and 3 star rated hotels. Budget or economy hotels are common too. Settle for a hotel after comparing rates and services.

Getting there

There are many airline companies that fly between European destinations. The best is to book a round trip. Tickets are generally cheaper if a Saturday night stay is included in your trip.