Aland Islands

Aland Islands form an archipelago of islands that are surrounded by the Baltic Sea. Aland Islands is in fact one of the provinces of Finland. A majority of the population in this Finnish province speak the Swedish language. A large proportion of the population in the province reside in the Fasta Islands. It is believed that there are about 6000 islands that comes under the group of Aland Islands. Some of the most popular tourist destinations are located in the islands of the region. The travelers can get accommodation in any of the cottages or hotels that are located in various parts of the island towns. When you are traveling to Finland the Aland Islands is a must visit place.

Festivals and other activities

The islands are also quite popular for its summer festivals. During the festive season many people gather on the islands and enjoy being a part of the summer festivals to the fullest. You can also take part in a number of adventurous activities when you are on a trip to Aland Islands. Apart from hiking on the lovely terrains you can even indulge in cycling along the roads that are located near the pristine sea beaches. The islands have also become a popular fishing area, but you have to seek permission from the authorities before you can enjoy the activity.

Beaches, Ports, Museums and Parks

The resplendent beauty of the beaches on the Aland Islands make them quite popular with the tourists. Mariehamn is one of the major ports in this region used by a number of cruise liners. The port was originally built by the famous Russian Czar, Alexander II in the year 1861. The islands are also noted for housing one of the most popular museums in Finland, the Pommern. The museum that has been made inside an old ship is characterized by its four masts. Mariehamn has also been quite popular with the tourists as it houses one of the famous amusement parks in the country, the Alandsparken amusement park.

Other Attractions

You can enjoy a number of fabulous rides in Alandsparken amusement park. To witness the scenic beauty of the vast reserves of flora and fauna on Aland Islands, you must visit Ramsholmen Nature Reserve. You can even visit the famous Viking Cemetery found on the islands. The ruins of ancient monumental structures can also be oberved by visiting the Lembote Chapel.The fortress of Kastelholm is also quite popular amongst the tourists.

For decades the Jan Karlgarden Museum has been drawing great number of visitors. The museum is quite unique as it is of the open air type and displays various artifacts depicting the ancient life in the rural areas of this region.