Shopping in France

France is known as a shopper's paradise and is regarded as one of the most fashionable places. Shopping in France is exciting and fun on one hand, on the other it is difficult for you to decide where to drop in to buy the stuffs of your choice. A brief overview of shopping in the country is given below.

Shopping in France and kinds of shops

There are different kinds of shops selling different goods. You can drop in at any of the shops depending on the kind of items that you want to buy. Given below is a list of few such shops in France:

  • Super Market
  • Shopping Malls
  • Departmental Stores
  • Confectionaries
  • Boutique Shops
  • Clothing Store

Shopping in France and Provencial Markets

There are number of provencial markets in and around the country. One of the provencial markets is located at Cote de Azur. It is a well organized market from where you can buy fresh flowers, vegetables and fruits etc. You can also buy souvenirs and other handicrafts items if you wish to gift it to your near and dear ones. This is more like street shopping, from where you can buy goods at cheap rates compared to branded stores and if you want you can bargain also. There are number of road side eateries, which sell mouth watering delicacies at cheap prices. If you feel hungry while shopping, then you can take few bites from these eateries.

G.H. Mumm and Cie

G.H. Mumm and Cie is one of the shops selling best champagne, which is known as Cordon Rouge. If you buy champagne from this place, then you can get at cheap prices as compared to the outlets selling it. You can also taste the type of champagne, before buying it, which you will not be able to do in shops. There are wide varieties of champagne from which you can choose from, if you visit the factory. This place is not only famous among tourists but also to local people who want to buy best liquor at cheap price.

Shopping in France and Items you can buy

There are different items that you can buy while shopping in France. Apart from apparels, you can also buy electrical goods, home appliances, souvenirs etc. Some of the items which are typical to the country that you can look for while shopping are given below:

  • Items of crystal glass
  • Wines
  • Lace Items
  • Liqeurs
  • Perfumes
  • Cheese

Shopping in France and mode of payments

Most of the shops and shopping malls accept major debit and credit cards. There are ATM's in all major cities and in suburbs, but at times the small shops do not accept cards. So it is better to carry some cash in order to avoid such inconvenience, while shopping in France. Travelers check is also accepted in most of the stores, so if you don't want to carry cash, then you can use travelers check.

Shop Timings

All shops and shopping center in France is open from Monday to Saturday. On Saturdays, the shops remain open up to lunch, in some places, while in the most of the cities it remains open up to evening. However there are few small shops in the suburbs that remain close in the afternoon and opens at noon. So if you want to enjoy shopping in France then it is better to drop in at weekdays and in the morning in order to avoid such problem.

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