Travel to FYR of Macedonia

FYR of Macedonia or Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is surrounded by Bulgaria in the east, Albania in the west, Greece in the south, Montenegro, and Serbia in the north. The country is known for not just its mountain ranges but also for fertile valleys. There are deciduous as well as coniferous forests.

The climate of FYR of Macedonia is transitional where you will experience moderate cold winters and hot arid summers. The best time to travel to FYR of Macedonia is during mid July to mid August.

Tourist attractions in FYR of Macedonia

  1. Mavrovo National Park
Mavrovo National Park is spread over an area of 73, 088 hectares which has uniform distribution of karst fields, birch and pine forests, alpine plains, and waterfalls etc. In order to visit the National Park, you can put up at one of the hotels close to the ski village.

  1. Skopje
When you travel to FYR of Macedonia and happen to visit Skopje, the skyline is mainly of housing units. Minarets, bathhouses, trading inns, Carsija or the turksih bazaar are some of the features tourist attraction in FYR of Macedonia.

  1. Sveti Naum
The magnificent church belonging to the 17th century is undoubtedly one of the tourist attractions. It is known as "Church of Sveti Naum". This is basically a historical monument.

  1. Ohrid
Ohrid is known not only for its scenic beauty but it is also famous for the Slavic University which was one of its kinds and was founded by Naum and St. Clement. Ohrid was also the capital during the rein of Tsar Samoil, the kingdom which was existent during the 10th century.

How will you reach FYR of Macedonia?

If you are coming from another country, you can land at one of the 2 international airports in FYR of Macedonia. They are Petrovec Airport and Ohrid Airport. There are different airline companies that fly to these airports. Some of the airline companies include the following -

  1. Lufthansa
  2. JAT Airways
  3. Adria Airways
  4. Czech Airlines
  5. Croatia Airlines
  6. Malev Hungarian Airlines
  7. Air France etc

Railway services

Trains run between towns and cities at regular intervals. You can board trains from either of the following railways stations. They are -

  1. Skopje
  2. Nis
  3. Prishtina
  4. Ljubljana
  5. Zagreb
  6. Podgorica etc

You can also drive down in your own cab if you are fond of traveling long distances in your car and working out a plan to travel to FYR of Macedonia. However, it is always better to carry a road map in that case.