Travel to Georgia

Travel to Georgia for the next holiday and gift your self a time which you will never forget. The best time to Travel to Georgia is in May, June and September. This time of the year is moderate and you can enjoy the most. The nature�s gift like the mountains and the other places like the old churches, castle, and watchtowers add the interests for travelers to visit Georgia. You can take a flight or drive to Georgia. To know about the best flights you can search the various web sites. Or else you can drive to reach Georgia too. The road to reach Georgia will enables you to witness nature�s beauty in the most fascinating way.

Why travel to Georgia

It is believed that Georgia is the most beautiful country in the world. So on your next holiday you may like to celebrate your birthday or anniversary here. So, Travel to Georgia and rejuvenate your self. You will find budget hotels in Georgia to stay and enjoy. The main reason why people generally travel to this exotic place is due to the warmth, pride, high culture and hospitality of this place. From ages guests and visitors are considered as blessings here. The fine food and free flow of wine also attracts visitors here. This place has rich history holding to itself. Hence this also becomes a major reason for people to visit this place.

Places to visit in Georgia

Tsminda Sameba Church: This place is a symbol of Georgia. The holy trinity church is standing and witnessing history since the 14th Century. You could have reach the church by cable cars constructed by the Soviet authorities in 1988.The church is located above Kazbegi at 2200 meter. The place has been partly destroyed. Still you can visit the base.

Badagoni Tour: There is a small trip arranged which offers you the best food and wine of Georgia. Don�t miss a chance to take the tour.

Fine Arts Museum: The best work of art from Georgia can be seen at this museum. Here the work of art from the BC to the 20th century is kept. Do not miss out on the treasury section. Take a guide to see this place and you will not be charged for the guide too.

Few other places which you should not miss at Georgia are:

  • Tsminda Sameba (Holy Trinity) Cathedral
  • Walking the Upper Mtkvari Valley
  • Walk to the Cross
  • Bodbe Convent
  • Kolkheti National Park
  • Gelati Monastery
  • Alexander Kazbegi Museum
  • Metekhi Church
  • Open-Air Museum of Ethnography

Your Travel to Georgia

While you travel to Georgia you must not forget about the currency. The currency which use is called Lari. There are several ATMs in and around the cities of Georgia. The ATMs also accept Master and Visa cards. The weather in July is always humid. So, try to avoid that month. The country is not affected with the Northern icy winds due to the Caucasus Mountains. The places where you can shop at Georgia are:

  • Dry Bridge market
  • Geoland
  • Prospero�s Books
  • Georgian Souvenirs
  • Gallery Artgasm

Travel to Georgia and see the work of nature in the sky and mountains. This place is an awesome destination for a perfect holiday. You can get luxurious as well as budget hotels. So, plan your next holiday to Georgia and rediscover yourself.