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Shopping in Georgia

If you are highly passionate about Georgia and shopping, then you should immediately pack up your bag and get ready for a rocking shopping experience in the state. Georgia is known to be one of the most popular shopping hubs of Europe. You will be getting a chance to explore a wide variety of stores over there and that is why it is said, nothing can be as exciting as shopping in Georgia. You can expect to get everything in Georgia ranging from the antique shops to the latest collection of designer clothes while you go for shopping in Georgia. When traveling to Georgia, you are bound to find activity of shopping to be quite pleasurable.

Tbilisi is popularly called the shoppers' paradise and so you can check out dozens of shopping malls over there. You can also pamper your appetite by trying out some of the popular regional preparations or delicacies in the numerous food outlets located on both sides of the streets of Georgia. The tourists plan to spend two to three days in Tbilisi simply because they want to have a memorable shopping experience over there.

The beautifully decorated stores are highly tempting. You cannot resist yourself from picking up one or two unique pieces when shopping in Georgia.The hottest shopping destinations in Georgia are Rustaveli and Chavchavadze Avenue. Georgia is famous for its collection of ceramics, jewelery and embroidery items. You can pick up some items from the special tourist shops and art salons. It is interesting to note that the shoppers are obsessed with the locally produced wines and brandy. Those are some of the popular items as far as shopping in Georgia is concerned. Heavy export duties are charged on icons, rags and other antiques.

Most of the shops in Georgia follow a specific shopping hour. The shops are opened from ten in the morning till six in the evening from Monday to Saturday. Most of the shops are closed on Sundays with a few operating even on Sundays. Almost all the renowned shops in Tbilisi accept payments through credit cards and so shopping in Georgia would not be a problem for the foreign tourists.

Georgia is a perfect place from where you can collect small antiques and local hand made items. One should focus on the local items than on designer products in the shopping malls. You will be getting more impressive shopping malls in other metropolitan cities of the world. But the ambiance of local small markets in Georgia is difficult to replicate.

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