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Wildlife Holidays in Georgia

There would be perhaps very few species of animals which are not found in Georgia. That is why wildlife holidays in Georgia are quite popular amongst the tourists. You will find hundreds and thousands of species of wildlife in Georgia. The wildlife sanctuaries or national parks form the core attraction of Georgia tourism. The term "wildlife" refers to birds, mammals, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Georgia is the land of numerous endangered species. There in lies the major attraction of the popular wildlife holidays in Georgia.

You can check out some rare mammals in Georgia which you will not find anywhere else. You will get to see an impressive variety of non predators like white tailored deer, black bear, raccoon, opposum, cotton tail rabbit, swamp rabbit, beaver, otter, grey squirrel, fox squirrel, southern flying squirrel, armadillo, wild turkey, skunk, wild hog, bobwhite quail and mourning dove. You would also be able to see predators like bobcat, grey fox, red fox and coyote if you are opting for wildlife holidays in Georgia.

The wildlife sanctuaries in Georgia is the natural home of poisonous snakes like Diamond Back Rattlesnake, Timber Rattlesnake, Pigmy Rattler, Cottonmouth Moccasin, Copperhead and Coral Snake. The non poisonous snakes include King Snake, Rat Snake and Scarlet King Snake. Those who get fascinated by amphibians, they can catch the sight of alligators, frogs, turtles and even water spiders while enjoying wildlife holidays in Georgia.

Wildlife holidays in Georgia would cover the national forest area and the wildlife sanctuaries. One should explore the wildlife at Andrews Cove offering 10 camp sites. You will be getting all the facilities for wildlife tours over there ranging from picnic tables to tent pads. You can easily access the Appalachian Trail and Forest Service Road from there. Fishing for trout is a popular activity in Andrews Creek. Chattahoochee River Campground is another popular stopover for wildlife holidays in Georgia. You need to pay a camping fee over there. Other important national forest areas are Cooper creek campground, Deep Hole Campground, DeSoto Falls Campground and Dockery Lake Campground.

Bird watching is a popular activity in Conasauga River Natural Area. Wildlife holidays in Georgia is all about camping, fishing, hunting, birdwatching and hiking. Almost all the wildlife sanctuaries in Georgia offer ample scope to get into the fun of these special activities. Your wildlife holiday would be really pale without these activities. Do not forget to carry all the necessities with you as you cannot expect a market in the midst of the forest region. Travel to Georgia would help you experience the best of the wildlife in the state.

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