Sightseeing in Germany

Germany has a lot to offer to its tourists. It is a country of contrast, where you can find a number of old castles, ancient churches, valleys, forests, lakes etc. On the other hand you can see plush and swanky shopping malls and various other amusement centers. A brief overview regarding sightseeing in Germany is given below.


Sightseeing in Germany is incomplete without dropping in at the capital city of Berlin. It is the third largest city and boasts of flora and fauna. There are forests, rivers, gardens, lakes etc which you can visit during your trip to the city. The city has rich culture and heritage and there are nearly 153 museums and various other historical places of interest and various other places of performing arts and theatres.

The Rhine

The Rhine is one of the longest and the most rivers in Germany. You can enjoy cruising and view different places of historical interest, castles and villages that are there on either side of the valley. A trip to Rhine River will also take you to Lorelei Rock, which is believed to be the home of a siren, which used to attract boatmen towards that place and the boatmen never used to return.

Bavarian Alps

They are a part of Northern Calcareous Alps and are one of the highest mountains in Alps. Bavarian Alps is the best place for all those who loves hiking. You can hike all the way and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. If you wish, you can also go for canoeing in the surrounding lakes and you can also put up at different resorts that are located atop the hill and taste different kinds of traditional delicacies and drinks which are served there. If you want to rejuvenate, you can do that by visiting various spas, which offer some wonderful massages, which are very relaxing and acts as a stress buster.


Dresden is located in a valley on River Elbe and is located near the Czech border. This is one of the most beautiful cities, which offers beautiful scenic beauty to its visitors. You will find a fine blend of art and culture, apart from various places of attractions. It is in fact one of the greenest city of Europe, where you will find various forests and reserve forests. If you want to enjoy your trip away from the city crowd, then you can visit Dresden for sightseeing in Germany.


One of the largest cities in German, Frankfurt is the financial center of the country and it is also home for many banks and several other financial institutions. There are number of places of historical interest which you can visit during your trip to the city. Given below are few such places of interest:

  • Saint Paul's Cathedral
  • Frankfurt Opera House
  • Romer
  • Saint Katherine's Church

Neuschwanstein Castle

Germany has many heritage and architectural building where you can drop in for sightseeing in Germany. Neuschwanstein Castle is one such ancient castle which is located in the village of Hohenschwangau, near Fussen. This is situated atop a hill and it was built in 19th century for a retreat to Ludwing II Bavaria and to pay homage to Richard Wagner. This palace was previously used by the king as his personal abode, but after his death in 1886, it was open for public viewing. The palace has a typical theatrical architecture and it is highly evident both interior and exterior. This place is a major tourist draw and is one of the famous places in Germany.

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