Travel to Guernsey

Guernsey is also known as the Bailiwick of Guernsey is located off the coast of Normandy in the English Channel. It is a group of islands which also includes places like Alderney, Sark, Burhou, etc and also many other places. In fact this island is divided into ten parishes and it is often referred to as Channel Islands. A brief overview regarding travel to Guernsey is given below.

When to travel to Guernsey?

The place of Guernsey mainly consists of two geographical regions, one higher and the other lower. The country experiences a temperate kind of climate, with mild winter and cool summers, so you can drop in at point of time. It is advised to avoid your plan to travel to Guernsey, during August and September, as temperatures are very high during this time.

How to reach Guernsey?

You can travel to Guernsey either by air or by road. The country has two international airports, from where you can avail flights. If you wish you can also hire cars and drop in at various places of interest in and around the country. The country also has well maintained ports, from where you can avail ferries or boat in order to reach your destination. If you love to travel by train, then you can do that in Guernsey, which is the only channel island with a railway facility.

Places of Interest in Guernsey

There are number of places where you can drop in during your trip to the country. A few such places of interest in and around the country is given below:

  • Castle Cornet
  • Brooklands Farm Implement Museum
  • Fort Grey and Shipwreck Museum
  • Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery
  • La Vallette Underground Military Museum
  • Priailx Library
  • Art Park
  • Dolls House
  • The Herb Garden

Accommodations in Guernsey

In order to make your trip enjoyable it is necessary to know a few places where you can put up during your trip to the country. Mentioned below are few hotels, which includes both budget and luxury hotel where you can drop in to during your trip to the country:

  • Le Barbarie Hotel
  • Le Douvres Hotel
  • Cobo Bay Hotel
  • La Fregate Hotel
  • Hotel Bella Luce
  • Hotel Bon Port
  • Sunnycroft Hotel
  • La Grand Mare Hotel
  • Saints Bay Hotel

Shopping in Guernsey

Travel to Guernsey is incomplete without dropping in at the different shopping malls and various other small shops, from where you can buy various things of your choice. Most of the shops are located at the High Street, Smith Street, and Arcade etc where you can find different varieties of clothes and other fashion accessories, at a cheap rate.

If you are in lookout of some traditional items and souvenirs, then you can drop in at Mill Street, where you can find a number of items, along with several other small shops selling different varieties of goods, some of which are locally produced, who runs local family business.

There are many international chain shops which can be found in St Peter Port like M&S;, Boots, and Next etc. But one thing should be kept in mind, while you are shopping in Guernsey, you should bargain a lot in order to avail the best buying price.

You can also drop in at the Old Guernsey Market where you can see traditional stalls that are set up once a week, selling different kinds of items, especially traditional items. In fact all the shop keepers are also dressed in traditional attires, which make it more interesting and are worth a visit during your travel to Guernsey.