Travel to Holland

If you are Travel to Holland or Netherlands for holidays or business purpose then make sure you also check out the many attractions in the country. The cities in Holland are storehouse of many historically relevant details. The culture of the country makes traveling to Holland all the more a pleasure. The people of Netherlands are usually referred as Dutch. While you are traveling to Holland, you will see that the country has been divided into two provinces. The various regions of Holland have distinct change in the culture and cuisine from one another.

Some of the places of Holland are islands located near its northern coast. The northern part of Holland is more populated than the other parts of the country because there are more industries and development in this part of Holland. Travel to Holland will give you the scope to explore its various cities like Amsterdam, Almere, Breda, Groningen, Hague, Leiden and many more.

You can travel to Holland by taking flights to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. There are flights that fly in and out of the country from all international destinations.

The airport in Frankfurt is the one that gives international services to the flights. Apart from air, you can also reach Holland by ferries from United Kingdom. Many of the ferry companies have daily and regular ferry service to and from the cities of United Kingdom. The ferry services are provided by DFDS Seaways, Stena Line and the P&O; Ferries. Other ways of traveling to Holland or Netherlands are by trains. From Belgium and France, you can take high speed trains that is the Thalys to reach Holland. There is train service even by Benelux train.

This is a cheaper way to travel from the cities like Brussels and Antwerp. The Thalys is expensive as it is faster and it is with reservation. There is intercity train service provided by Maastricht Brussels Express. From Germany, there are high speed train service by ICE.

Travel to Holland is all the more easier from Belgium and Germany. The distance to the cities in Holland can be covered by cars even. The borders are easily accessible but one has to go through checks at the border so it is necessary to have all the necessary documents proving your nationality and identity. There is car ferry service too from United Kingdom which makes traveling to Holland all the more convenient. Within the city you can get around by the means of buses, cycles, trains. The train tickets are of the same rate and there are no discounts on buying it beforehand or for round trip.