Travel to Hungary

Hungary is also known as Republic of Hungary is another landlocked country which is located at the Carpathian Basin, in central Europe. The country shares its border with Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia and Croatia. The country offers some breathtaking view of the surrounding places and there are mountains, lakes, historical buildings, natural parks etc. A brief overview of various places and things to do is given below, so that you can travel to Hungary safely and in a hassle free manner.

How to reach Hungary?

You can reach the country by road, rail or air during your travel to Hungary, as it is well connected by all. If you wish, you can avail flights from the airport of capital city of Budapest. There are various other airports from where flights operate to various other places.

You can also travel to Hungary by road, as the country is well connected by road with all the seven neighboring countries. If you wish, you can also use the ferry service that is available, but it has to be kept in mind, that the entire journey begins and ends at Budapest.

When to travel to Budapest?

The country experiences hot summers and cold winters and July to August are the hottest months. But the country experiences a temperate kind of climate and it can be roughly divided into three climatic zones, which experiences variation in climate.

Even though the country experiences different kind of climate, you can travel to Hungary at any point of time, in order to enjoy the natural beauty of the country. But if you really want to enjoy in the peak tourist season, then it is better if you drop in during summers, when the country is bustling with life and activity.

Places of Interest in Hungary

While your travel to Hungary, you can drop in at various places of interest. Not only historical places, there are many other places like amusement parks, gardens etc where you visit. Given below are few such places in and around:

  • Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • Museum of Applied Arts
  • Margaret Island
  • Gellert Hill
  • Bridge of the River Tisza
  • Varga Tanya

Accommodations in Hungary

You can put up at different hotels in and around the country during your travel to Hungary. Apart from luxury hotels, there are several other budget hotels where you can stay. Given below are few such hotels:

  • Hotel Palazzo Zichy
  • Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace
  • Inter Continental
  • Normafa Hotel
  • Hotel Palace
  • Hotel Spa Heviz
  • Fagus
  • Solar Club Hotel

Shopping in Hungary

No trip is complete without dropping in for shopping. During your travel to Hungary, you can drop in at the various shopping malls, departmental stores etc which is located at various cities in Hungary. You can buy various branded items from the shopping malls and departmental stores. If you are in lookout of some cheap goods, then you can drop in at the road side stalls or in the market place, where you will get goods at a cheap rate and if you want you can bargain also.

The capital city of Budapest has a number of sprawling malls where you can visit. Names of few such shopping malls in the capital city are given below:

  • MOM Park
  • Polus Center
  • West End City Center
  • Europark