Famous Places in Iceland

Iceland is known for more reasons than just prominent places. Although there are many famous places in Iceland, you will also enjoy visiting the gushing geysers, sites of lava eruption, hot springs, glaciers, fissures, turquoise pools. You also have the snow capped mountains to glare at. The official language is Icelandic.

And if you are flying in from countries like Canada, Australia, EU nations, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Scandinavia, you will not require a visa. With an area of 103, 000 sq km, the country has plenty to offers to its guests. Therefore, it isn't surprising when thousands of tourists flock to this place every year from different parts of the globe.

Iceland has many tourist attractions. And some of the famous places in Iceland that you can pay a visit to include the following -

  1. Vestmannaeyjar
Watching the countless chicks fight a fake battle is a spectacular scene. This is held every August on these islands.

  1. Isafjorour
This is regarded as the country's isolated town. Visit the small town to get the true essence of Isafjorour.

  1. Geysir & Gullfoss

Gullfoss is a spectacular waterfall. Regarded as one of the famous places in Iceland, don't forget to visit the exploding geysers in Iceland.

  1. Landmannalaugar
If you are planning a trip to Landmannalaugar, this is an ideal getaway for relaxing and giving rest to your tired soul and feet. Rejuvenate from within and lift up your spirits amidst the hot springs, rhyolite hills, and flowing lavas.

  1. Jokulsa-Austari

Two eminent outdoor sports that you can enjoy at Jokulsa-Austari include horse riding and glacial river rafting. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax and unwind, especially for those who dare to take challenges and are fond of adrenalin rushes.

In addition to the famous places in Iceland mentioned above, you can check out the following places too. They are -

  1. Reykjavik
  2. Blue Lagoon
  3. Seyoisfjorour
  4. Myvatn
  5. Jokulsargljufur National Park
  6. Snaefellsnes
  7. Siglufjorour
  8. Kverkfjoll Ice Caves
  9. Husavik
  10. Akureyri etc

Best time to visit
If you are ready to take on the bad weather, then you can travel to the famous places in Iceland at any point of time. However, May through July months are the driest months. Unexpected downpours that get transformed into wind, fog and heavy rain are not uncommon. There may be blizzards or fierce storms. So, it is better to be adequately equipped at all times. Most of the tourists set off for the famous places in Iceland during the months of June to August.

Reaching Iceland
It is not a very cumbersome task to reach Iceland. All major airline companies carry passengers. Some of the major airline companies that conduct flights in Iceland include the following -

  1. British Airways
  2. Atlantic Airways
  3. Iceland Express
  4. Icelandair
  5. SAS or Scandinavian Airlines
  6. Air Iceland etc

Accommodation in Iceland
If you are embarking upon a trip to famous places in Iceland, booking your accommodation well in advance is desirable. Most of the star rated hotels will have their own web portals. And you can compare the services and charges online. This will enable you to compare rates and settle for the one that you think will suit your wallet and your time.