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Shopping in Iceland

There are a lot of shopping opportunities available in Iceland. You can drop in at various shopping mall, shops, etc while shopping in Iceland. If you are in lookout of some traditional items, then you can buy some from here. The capital city of Reykjavik also has many shopping malls and streets from where you can buy variety of goods. A brief overview of shopping in the island is given below.

Shopping in Reykjavik

The capital city of Reykjavik has many shopping malls where you can drop in to buy branded goods. Apart from shopping malls, there are departmental stores, chain stores etc where you can visit to buy different items like household goods, apparels, electrical gadgets etc. Laugavegur is the main shopping street in the capital city, where you can buy goods at cheap rates and bargaining is also possible. If you wish to buy artifacts and other pieces of art, then you can visit Skolavordustigur which is famous for handicraft items. This place is a favorite destination for all art lovers and you can buy rare piece of art from here. Kolaportid is one of the indoor shopping markets, which is a favorite destination for all bargain lovers. Here you can bargain as much as you want and buy goods at cheap rates.

Duty Free Shopping in Keflkavik

Kefkavik Airport offers duty free shopping and you can get all items at cheap rates. Most of the fliers traveling through Keflavik Airport, buy as much things as possible. All items including electronic goods, apparels, CD's etc are available in cheap. Some of the products which you can buy during your visit to Keflavik Airport are given below:

  • Fluffy
  • Hats
  • Crushed Lava
  • Ceramic Items
  • Earthenware Containers

Flea Markets

While shopping in Iceland, you can drop in at the flea markets where you can buy goods at cheap prices. These are basically village markets where you can buy various kinds of goods including various hand made items like carpets, scented candles, carved wood etc. There are various small shops and galleries selling variety of items, including organic food items, which are typical of this place. The flea markets are basically famous for local crafts and handicrafts items.

Souvenir Shops in Iceland

There are number of souvenir shops located in and around the island. You can visit the shops located at Laekjargata, Bankastraeti and the places near the harbor which sells various types of souvenirs and fur clothes which are typical to Iceland.

Mode of Payment

Most of the shops accept credit and debit cards, including visa and master card. ATM's are there in all big cities, so you need not worry if you run short of cash while shopping in Iceland. It is better to carry some cash with you because some of the small shops do not accept card or plastic money. Travelers check is also accepted but it is advised to carry checks in US Dollars in order to avoid extra cost. There is foreign money exchange also in all cities, so you need not worry.