Things to do in Iceland

There are various things to do in Iceland during your trip to the country. Apart from visiting various places for sightseeing, there are varieties of things to do. The Iceland has been a major tourist attraction and tourism is also a major source of revenue. A brief overview regarding things do is given below.

National Museum of Iceland

National Museum of Iceland is one of the historical museums and was established on 24th February 1863. The various items that are displayed in the museum, previously resided in different attics. There is an exhibition which is held on all days, providing information regarding the history of Iceland from the time of the settlement in the 9th century.

Nature Explorer Tours

Things to do in Iceland are incomplete without dropping in at the Nature Explorer Tours. This is an amazing experience where you can have a look at the natural beauty from a close proximity.

These are jeep safaris which are conducted by various travel operators. It is equally fun and exciting as it helps you to reach and access areas which would not have been possible otherwise.

Laugardalur Park

If you love nature then you can visit Laugardalur Park. It is a collection of many parks and it also has one of the best swimming pools in the region. The park can also be used for picnic and for other recreational activities.

There is also a Botanical Garden and an animal farm where you can see variety of animals and plant species, some of which are rare collections also. You can have a look at reindeer, goats, seals along with different varieties of fish and other aquatic species.

For kids there is a recreational park where you can enjoy different kinds of rides and if you are hungry then you can drop in at the caf� to have light refreshment and mock tails.

Saga Museum

In Saga Museum is such a place where you can see historical figures and various other events of history, right up to the time of reformation is brought into life, which is unique. If you wish you can also opt for guided CD tours where there is a voice over narrative and the tour is of 30mins or 1 hour.

The museum actually recreates the moments of the island's history, which have decided the fate of the islanders and it also showed how the islanders lived many years ago. Visitors who drop in at the museum are explained regarding the various aspects of the island and also different objects that were used by the islanders are shown to visitors. It is a vibrant and lively museum, a visit to which will take you to the past.


Pearl is one of the most famous landmarks in Iceland where you will find five huge hot water tanks and an added attraction is the dome shaped revolving restaurant, along with an atrium on the top floor. This place is always crowded with tourists and is one of the favorite tourist destinations.

During your trip to the country there are various fun things to do in Iceland. Mentioned below are some of the fun things to do:

  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Playing Golf
  • River Rafting
  • Taking part in Glima
  • River Rafting
  • Sport Swimming
  • Horseback Riding