Travel to Ireland

Ireland is the third largest island in Europe and it is the twentieth largest island in the world. It is situated in the northwest of continental Europe and it is surrounded by various other small islands and islets. The island is rich in flora and fauna and there are various places of interest which you can visit during your trip to the island. A brief overview regarding various places and things to do during your travel to Ireland is given below.

When to travel to Ireland?

Due to the Atlantic Gulf Stream, Ireland experiences mild climate, even though it is located on higher altitude. During winters temperatures are generally low and snowfall is rare. Temperatures are generally low all the year round and Ireland receives heavy rainfall and County Kerry is worst affected due to rainfall.

If you want to enjoy your stay at Ireland, then it is advised to travel to Ireland during spring i.e. February to April or during autumn i.e. August to October when there is less rush of tourists. It is better to avoid your travel during summer, as it is the peak tourist season and the island is very crowded. If you wish to enjoy your travel to Ireland in peace then you can drop in during winter, as the crowd is least during this point of time, as temperatures are comparatively low, even though not below freezing.

How to reach Ireland?

Ireland is well connected with other parts of the city by air, road and rail. There are five main airports in Ireland which you can avail in order to catch flights during your travel to Ireland. Dublin is the busiest airport and apart from that there are other airports in Belfast, Cork, West Ireland and Shannon. Some of these airports also offer transatlantic services and there are several other smaller regional airports in different places.

You can also travel by car after you reach Ireland as there are plenty of car hires available. If you wish to travel by ferry or avail the boat service, you can do that as the sea route is well maintained in Ireland and most of the heavy goods trade and transactions take place via sea. Ferry services between different places are also available and are pretty fast.

Accommodations in Ireland

When you will plan your travel to Ireland it is necessary to decide where you will put up after you reach the island. There are a number of hotels in Ireland, right from budget hotels to luxury hotels. Given below are names of few such hotels where you can put up during your trip:

  • The Merrion Hotel
  • Hampton Hotel
  • The Croke Park Hotel
  • Brooks Hotel
  • Dylan Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Royal Hotel
  • Hotel Doolin
  • Aran View House
  • Granville Hotel

Sightseeing in Ireland

Travel to Ireland is incomplete without visiting various places of interest in and around the island. Apart from enjoying the natural beauty of the place and engaging yourself in various outdoor beach activities, you can drop in at various places, as the island offers some spectacular views of the cliffs, bays, ancient monuments, structures etc. Mentioned below are few such places which you can visit during your stay in the country:

  • Cliffs of Moher and Burren
  • Beara and West Cork
  • County Donegal
  • Connemara
  • Killarney Area and Ring of Kerry
  • Muckross House
  • Powerscourt Gardens
  • Giants Causeway
  • Kells
  • Rosses Point

There are also various other things that you can do during your travel to Ireland, apart from visiting famous places. Some of the few things which you can do during stay in the island are given below:

  • Hiking
  • Shopping in Ireland
  • Visiting Irish Castles
  • Drop in at Dublin Zoo
  • Bike Around the island
  • Dropping in at Golf Court

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