Island of Gotland, Sweden

Island of Gotland, Sweden - Introduction

The Island of Gotland, Sweden is located in the middle of the Baltic Sea, 90 km from the Swedish mainland and 130 km from the Estonian mainland. It is the largest island in the Baltic sea with a total area of 3,140 square km. The natural beauties of the Island of Gotland, Sweden has made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The Gotland Island in Sweden attracts a huge number of tourists from all the corners of the world, especially from the Europe. This island of Sweden is the plateau of lime stone, gently sloping downwards from the west to east.

The Island of Gotland in Sweden has a lot to offer to the tourist as the island has several types of natural scenery to offer, starting from the the agricultural regions of modern as well as ancient times, the bare limestone soil, moors with the open pine forest, the coastlines with steep hill brows, the beautiful sandy beaches, wonderful fields of rock formations and the amazing meadow land. This island is famous for the flora. The most of the orchid species of Sweden is available in this island. All of these have made the Island of Gotland, Sweden, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sweden.

What to visit in Island of Gotland, Sweden

There are several tourist attractions in Island of Gotland, Sweden. Start your visit with a trip to Visby, the main port and town of the Gotland island. Visby has a lot of historical importance and has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. Just walk along the narrow roads and lane of the city, you can visit many ruined medieval churches in the city. While in Visby, you must visit the Cathedral of St. Maria which is a very popular tourist attractions in Visby. It is know for its strained glass windows and the building.

Visit the Gotlands Fornsal, the most popular museum of Gotland island. You would find picture stones and human skeletons from pre-Viking times. Also are there, some astonishing medieval wooden sculptures as well which would attract the tourists as well. There is a festival called 'Medieval Week festival' that is organized in early August every year. If you come here during this time, you would find the costumed reenactments of events from medieval times.

You should also pay a visit to Bunge while touring Island of Gotland, Sweden. Bunge is famous for tis fourteenth century fortified church and open-air museum.